Friday, May 14, 2010

Typhon-Unholy Trilogy [Colombia]

Unholy Trilogy

Full-Length, Warmaster Recs

The lyrics of Life Eternal were originally written by Dead from Mayhem as a gift to Bull Metal
Later on, those lyrics were used in De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas by Mayhem. Typhon, as a postume tribute to Dead and Euronymous, used the lyrics for this song.

Track List:

01.-Once Upon A Time 04:00
02.-The Age 02:21
03.-Evil And Lust 04:02
04.-The Roman God 03:59
05.-Magnificent Ritual Killer 04:07
06.-Fuckin' Jesus 02:23
07.-Red Night 03:51
08.-Life Eternal 05:30
09.-Satanic Warfare 03:27
10.-Typhon 02:54
11.-Worshiper Of Darkness 02:36
12.-War Machine [Kiss Cover] 04:20
13.-The Calm After The Storm 02:55

Total Playing Time 46:25

Black Metal !

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