Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Affluent Of Styx-Thoron [2000]

Affluent Of Styx [France]-Thoron
Track List:

1.-Tue Ne Le Divin Enfant 06:04
2.-Condamnation De Latrodecte 03:21
3.-Ad Usque Terras Mors-Intermezzo 01:49
4.-Phusis 08:09
5.-Rapax Ataraxia-Intermezzo 01:02
6.-Fardeau Miserable De La Genese Divine Fleaulienne 08:05

Total Playing Time: 28:40

Black / Death Metal!

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Varathron-Genesis Of The Apocrypal Desire [1991]

Varathron-Genesis Of The Apocrypal Desire

Track List:
01.-La Reine Noir
02.-Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire
03.-The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep
04.-Seven Endless Horizones
05.-Journey Beyond (Outro)
Black Metal!

Nirvana 2002 [Sweden]-Disembodied Spirits [1991]

Disembodied Spirits
Track List:
1.-Slumber 4:10
2.-Zombiefication 2:42
3.-The Awekening Of… 3:23

Old School Death Metal!


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Abhorer-Unholy Blasphemer [2004]

Abhorer-Unholy Blasphemer

1-9 From Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt (Full-length)
10-11 From Upheaval Of Blasphemy (EP 93)
12-16 From Rumpus Of The Undead (Demo 89)

Track List:

1.-Invoking Nana Sahib, Satyrical Goat Of Mendes 01:02
2.-Concubinal Celibatic Myrmidonian Whores 03:59
3.-Abandonment Of Chastity 03:05
4.-Hymeneal Altar Of Messianic Salacitation 04:44
5.-Phlegethonic Sybaritical Demimonde 05:00
6.-Dom Abaddoniel Abysstic Demonolatry 05:02
7.-Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt 03:50
8.-Expiation Of Seraphic Patriarch 03:37
9.-Saith…Empyrean Sabaoth Of Azarak 04:31
10.-Abandonment Of Chastity 03:10
11.-Heathendom Incarnate 05:03
12.-Revivification (Intro) 01:48
13.-Repudiated Faith 04:17
14.-Rumpus Of The Undead 03:39
15.-Diabolic Epitaph 03:19
16.-Profane Immolation

Total Playing Time: 58:29

Black Death Thrash Metal!

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Asgard[Canada]-Cold Season [2001]

Asgard-Cold Season [2001]
Track List:

1.-Cold Season 06:43
2.-Book Of Hel 05:19
3.-Beware The Wolves (Part 1) / Cosmogony (Part 2) 08:26
4.-Battle Of Shadows 05:27
5.-To Walk The Path Of Odhinn 06:46
6.-As Wolves Gather Beneath A Frozen 05:03

Total Playing Time 37:44

Black / Death Metal !

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Vesania-Firefrost Arcanum [2003]

Vesania-Firefrost Arcanum

Track List:

01.-Mystherion Crystaleyes
02.-Introit Algor
03.-Nova Persei
04.-Algorfocus Nefas
05.-Mardukes Mazemerising
06.-Moonthrone Dawn Broken
07.-Niaintroit Focus
08.-Daemoonion Act II
09.-Introit Nefas
10.-Dukedoom Black

Black Metal !

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blood Stained Dusk-Dirge of Death's Silence [2001]

Blood Stained Dusk-Dirge of Death's Silence

Track List:

01.-Moon Behind The Storm
02.-Bringer Of Everlasting Damnation
03.-Renounce The Dawn
04.-The Infernal Braise
05.-Vastland Of The Empire Lost
06.-Ganguinas Bath- The Blood I Follow
07.-Funeral Of Lamentation

Black Metal !

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Ang [Colombia]-Music For The Nights Of Solitude And Melancholy [2005]

Ang –Music For The Nights Of Solitude And Melancholy

Tracks list:

01.-Desperate Screams [Intro]
02.-Agony In The Destruction
03.-Died Days
04.-Black Time
05.-Caves Of Blood
06.-Prints Of The Forest
07.-Night Acts
10.-Hidden Night
11.-Tomhet [Burzum Cover]

Black Metal / Ambient !!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vulcano-Live [1985]

Track List:

1.-Witch´s Sabbath
2.-Prisioners From Beyond
3.-Fallen Angel
4.-Riding In Hell
5.-The Signals
6.-Satan´s Warriors
7.-Devil On My Roof
8.-Total Destruction
9.-Satanic Legions
10.-Land Of Misery
11.-Tears Of Truth
12.-Shadows In The Mirror
Black / Death / Thrash Metal !
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ungod & Baxaxaxa-Split

Ungod & Baxaxaxa-Split

Track List:

01.-Silence In The Golden Halls Of Endless Hope-Ungod
02.-Land Of Frozen Tears-Ungod
03.-Magicus Talls Damnatio-Ungod
04.-Journey Through Forgotten Myth-Ungod
05.-Lost Beast, Born In Darkness-Ungod
06.-Church Of Antichrist-Baxaxaxa
07.-Nocturnal Mass And Christ`s Damnation-Baxaxaxa
08.-The Day When God Falls-Baxaxaxa

Total Playing Time: 40:00

Black Metal !

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Track List:

01.-Into the Gates
02.-Hell's Gates Are Opened
03.-Swallow All Pride
04.-Victory !
05.-Evil Spawn
08.-Impaled Liar
10.-Crushed 'Till Death
11.-Hymn Of The Gladiator

Total Playing Time: 32:09

Black Metal !

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Carnifex & Ominous-Into The Forthcoming Darkskies

Carnifex & Ominous -Into The Forthcoming Darkskies
Track List:

01.-Carnifex-Lost Within
02.-Carnifex-Eternal Paths Of Sorrow
03.-Carnifex-De Fallne Englers Vrede
04.-Ominous-Empty Of You
05.-Ominous-Aintzinakua Naiz Zaharrena (Im The Ancient)
06.-Ominous-Odolan Itotia
07.-Ominous-Hymn To The Dark World
08.-Ominous-In My Land (Act-II)
09.-Ominous-Souls In Pain
10.-Ominous-About The Worms That Bites
11.-Ominous-Conjurations Against The Crawly Chaos
12.-Ominous-La Abominacion Del Ser Que Nunca Pudo Reinar
13.-Ominous-Gods Of War- Nuclear Atomic Desolation
14.-Ominous-Devourer Of Worlds

Total Playing Time: 41:28

Black Metal !

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Arkhon Infaustus-Perdition Insanabilis

Arkhon Infaustus-Perdition Insanabilis
Track List:

01.-Genesis Of Loss
02.-M33 Constellation
03.-Abortion Of The Kathavatthu
04.-Six Seals Salvation
05.-Saturn Motion Theology
06.-Oratio Descendere
07.-Profanis Codex LXVI
08.-Whirlwind Journey
09.-Absurd Omega Revelation

Total Playing Time: 39:13

Black / Death Metal !

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Ammit-Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno

Ammit-Mass Suicide-Steel Inferno

Track List:

Mass Suicide [2000]
01.-Intro Morbid Sound God Is The Devil
02.-Blasphemy And Lust
03.-Kill All The Angels
04.-Mass Suicide
05.-Intro The Holy Trinity Of Incest And Agony Burner
06.-The Red Night
07.-Intro Desecracion Posesion
08.-Wellcome Antichrist
09.-Outro Resurreccion Y Lapidacion

Steel Inferno [1998]
10.-Plagues Of Death
11.-Vengeance Command
12.-Black Candles
13.-Violent Poison
14.-Death Moon
16.-Possessed By Evil
17.-Ritaulistic Crime
18.-Outro Steel Inferno

Studio Session [2004]
19.-Bring Death
20.-Cuero Negro (Black Leather)
21.-Ataud (Coffin)

Black Metal !

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Govanon [Brazil]-Ancient Order Of Cuthulu Serpent

Govanon-Ancient Order Of Cuthulu Serpent
Track List:
01.-The Desert
02.-Ancient Order Of Cuthulu Serpent
03.-In The Night Of Esbat
04.-Stigma Diabolicum
05.-The Lord Satan
06.-Immortal Warriors
07.-God Of The Tyrants

Total Playing Time: 41:26
Black Metal !

Download Here:

Lords Of Darkness [Guadalajara-Mexico]-Infernal Malevolence

Lords Of Darkness-Infernal Malevolence

Track List:

01.-Ice Winds
02.-Infernal Malevolence
04.-The Wood Of The Fallen Angels
05.-Carnal Rites
06.-Rotten Cross
08.-Bonus-Valley Of Tears

Total Playing Time: 32:49

Black Metal !

Download Here:

Burning Winds [USA]-The Flame Of Lucifer

Burning Winds-The Flame Of Lucifer

Track List:
01.-Lucifers Vengence
02.-Mass Murder
03.-Army Of Satan
04.-Horned Master
05.-Burn The Chapel
06.-Rise From Embers
07.-Black Souls
08.-Kill, Destroy, Burn
09.-Unholy Destruction

Total Playing Time: 32:15
Black Metal !

Download Here:

Rapture Messiah [Tampico-Mexico]-Sodomized In The Cross

Rapture Messiah-Sodomized In The Cross

Track List:
01.-The Bitch Who Born Christ
02.-Enthroned The Path Of Demon
03.-Spitting To The Cross
04.-March With Satan

Total Playing Time: 14:36
Black Metal !

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Osculum [Monterrey-Mexico]- Reh-Demo

Osculum-Reh-Demo [1994]
Track List:
01.-Unholy Chants Into Damnation Land
02.-The Ancient Lord Of Pagan Believers
03.-Upon The Threshold Of Death
04.-Dawn Of The Esoteric Moon
05.-Hidden Track
Total Playing Time: 29:43
Black Metal !

Daemones Imperium [Monterrey-Mexico]-Promo CD

Daemones Imperium-Promo CD
Track List:

01.-Pest Of Death
02.-Dark Mother
03.-Demons Reaping Angels

Total Playing Time: 14:20

Black Metal!

Download Here:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chaoswolf [Veracruz-Mexico]-Spiritual Asylum Of Despair Demo [2008]

Chaoswolf-Spiritual Asylum Of Despair Demo [2008]

Track list:

01.-Mysteries Of Chaos Pt II 07:46
02.-Spiritual Asylum Of Despair 10:59

Total Playing Time: 18:45

Black Metal!

Highly Recommend!!!

Download Here:

Alla Xull-Idem Destruction [Mexico]

Alla Xull-Idem Destruction [2002]

1.-Idem Destruction 05:51
2.-Goecia 07:11
4.-Crushing Akeronte 07:03
5.-Grassland Of The Hearts Of Goats 09:00
6.-Outro 00:45

Total Playing Time: 33:34
Black Metal !

Download Here:

Azgeroth [Tampico-Mexico]-The Grim Reign Of Belzebu [2005]

Azgeroth-The Grim Reign Of Belzebu [2005]


01.-Abysmal Soul Of Lucifer 03:25
02.-Obscure Disguise 03:10
03.-Among The Paradise And Hell 04:26
04.-The Key Of Satan 04:51
05.-The Grim Reign Of Belzebu 05:12

Total playing Time: 21:04

Black Metal !

Download Here:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chaoswolf-Lycanthropic Passages And Mystic Blackness [2007]

Chaoswolf-Lycanthropic Passages And Mystic Blackness
Track List:

1.-Winter Twilight 04:42
2.-Howling Beast Of Sorrow 06:58
3.-Mysteries Of Chaos 05:10

Total Playing Time:16:50

Download Here:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Asbel-Grim, Cold And Alone [2008]

Asbel-Grim, Cold And Alone

Track List:

1.-Grim 06:00
2.-Cold 06:00
3.-Alone 06:00

Total Playing Time: 18:00 Mins

Depressive Black Metal!

Asbel-“Elegist-Hymns For Lost Souls” [2007]

Asbel-“Elegist-Hymns For Lost Souls”
Track List:

1.-Loathsome Existence 03:53
2.-Throne Of The Forsaken 03:50
3.-Human Pest 04:22
4.-Asbel´s Hymn For His Lost Souls 04:25
5.-Subliminal Suicide 06:33
6.-Mass Terrorism 05:15
7.-Life´s Decay 14:22

Total Playing Time: 42:40 Mins

Download Here:

Grand Belial´s Key- A Witness To The Regicide [1996]

Grand Belial´s Key- A Witness To The Regicide

Track List:

1.-Brook Of Kedron / The Mourners Flock To Gethsemane 05:11
2.-Conspicuous Imagery Adorns The Nunery 05:15
3.-Goat Of A Thousand Young 06:01
4.-The Hexenhaus Vigil 04:25

Total Playing Time: 20:56 Mins

Download Here:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Asbel´s Interview- [Colombia]

Interview by: Lord Baalberith
1.-Infernal greetings Asbel!! First of all, could you tell us what inspired you to create Asbel, beginning from how you started enjoying metal to the conception of your project or band?

Greetings, first of all thanking you for the opportunity to have this interview, well what exactly what inspired Asbel what just the simple fact of creating music, Metal has always been a part of me, passing through different sounds as industrial and hardcore to metal and finally Black Metal.

2.-Where do you draw inspiration (musical, artistic) for Asbel? And where did the name Asbel come from?

As I have always quoted no band really influenced me, musically I just represent my emotions in the moment of composing a song, and there lies the variety of sounds heard in my music, you can have density, rawness, sadness and also, of course hatred, Asbel is the name of a fallen angel, the different, thee who marks the difference, I really did not want the typical black metal name where Satan worshiping is represented.

3.-What is your actual line-up and / or session musicians?

For recording, composition just me, for live performances the members of the horde Misanthrope, just the guitar player and drummer.

4.-Have you played live shows in Colombia? Has there been any trouble from government or local officials?

Yes I have played many times here in Colombia, and to the moment there has not been any trouble from local officials or government.

5.-Could you tell us about some of your more violent shows?

Exactly violent as meaning the best , well the best shows have been outside of my hometown Bogota, I have to say that for sure, one unforgettable gig was in a town called Fusagasuga, excellent scene, a very calm show.

6.-Have you opened for bigger bands at shows who and which ones is your favorite to play with?

Not to the moment and it is not an actual goal for Asbel. If it comes good and if not the same, I will not search for the opportunity by the way. Band promotion for does issues really suck here in Colombia.

7.-You have always had guest musicians in your releases and even in some gigs, is this collaboration going to continue in the future?

Well to clarify a little, in my releases, there hasn’t been any guest musician, all production, recording, programming and instrument playing has been by Me, also to clarify, yes drums are programmed in Asbel´s recording but not programmed as some ignorant says around there in guitarpro, first of all guitarpro is not for recording real-time music, or editing. Drums are not looped in Asbel it’s a different process which I will not explain here, but just to let them know first of all, if they so call themselves musicians, well to do a little research before they spit out arguments with lack of sense, and second for them to get a life.
Live collaboration has always existed for Asbel, many musicians have past by its existence, and yes live support will continue.

8.-What do you think about the Colombian scene these days, when compared to the old days? Any bands you particularly like?

Ignorance and mediocrity always come by the hand, so simple to describe such repugnant scene compared to foreign metal-life styles, only gossip and fashion and sicken recognition describe this land. Now and then has always been the same, just a few playing around with an instrument trying to be musicians and yelling out blasphemies which have no sense and not credible to even themselves. I do not listen or have contact to any local band; I do not like anyone in particular.

9.-What motivates you to keep making music?

Creativity, the knowledge of believing that music is such an enormous universe, just waiting to be discovered by the brilliant minds of us who really worship the sense of sound.

10.-By the way, are there in Colombia real metal pubs? Do you usually go there or do you attend many live shows with your friends?

Yes of course, many but not real, just rat-shitty holes where you can see the decadence of the human being. I used to attend these holes, but now, it gets boring and not useful for the intellectual brains, the only live shows I attend here are when Asbel is playing.

11.-What can we expect from most recent release “Grim, cold and alone” and what will it be released? And why you only included three tracks in this CD?

Marks the difference, you can expect a black metal band / project (whatever) playing non black metal music, it’s a mixture of depressive-punk-metal, described in the rhythm of the drums, the song Grim gives in intro to the album as if you were to here a depressive suicidal black metal album, but Cold turns the whole idea around, by the exaltation of guitar riffs and the groovy drum tempos, of course always maintaining the melancholy which describes Asbel since its beginning, Alone starts out like a down-tempo song, where it just around the middle fastens the song making quite moving. I am not offended when Grim, cold and alone is not taken for a black metal album. I only included 3 tracks, for I think the amount of tracks doesn’t make a musical album better or worst, my releases are know by not having a numerous of bored, plain tracks.
12.-You´ve released a split cd with Lucifago Rofacale (México)? What can you tell us about this Mexican black metal horde on the split?

This band has and will be always one of my true band-brothers, for I started like at the same time they started, with Marbas we spoke a lot according to our tastes in music and philosophy, I felt really numb when I heard he passed away, anyways I keep in touch with his eternal beloved Bael.

13.-Which of your releases are you mostly proud with it? Why?

Personally I like a lot the Elegist album, am quite proud with it, the musical composition took time, that’s why I like it, I gave my best effort to making it sound different speaking of guitar performance. Lyrically I just touched issues which I feel not conform with.

14.-What progression musically speaking, do you hear from the first Asbel release “Legions” (2004) to your new cd “Grim, cold and alone” (2008)?

Creativty for composition will always be a progression heard through out my releases; the sound quality has been a big progression. Now that I have more sophisticated equipment and more technology.

15.-If you were to make a cover albums, which tracks from which bands would you cover?

Live I play metal covers, from Burzum, Satanic Warmaster, Nargaroth, etc. but for recording I´ll keep the bands in silence, further you may acknowledge my musical tastes for recorded covers.

16.-Why do you sing in English and not in Spanish, what do you think about the bands that sing in their native language?

I always think that a band should sing in their native language, my native language is English for I was born here but educated in the USA, my vocabulary fluency is better in English.

17.-Now, about your own beliefs, do you consider yourself a Satanist? What do you believe in?

Never have I thought that, never shall I be, for I do not sing to Satan or any other hidden entity, of course I have been mistaken by a few cause of my song titles, for example Lucifer, am not talking about the entity or the man with horns, Lucifer is the bringer of light (Lux Ferre); Light a synonym for knowledge, the bringer of knowledge, as what happened in the renaissance. We woke our minds to better things, we know the world is huge and we must not prison ourselves, because prison brings ignorance. My logo of course we understand it as the goat with two inverted crosses, Asbel logo represents what I don not sing to, nor to Satan nor to Christ, the goat is a symbol of rebellion.

18.-Apart from Christianity (obviously) is there anything you’re vehemently opposed to?

Of course opposed to any ways of fanaticism, like Christianity and also Satanism, also to the idea that black metal has to be played by scum,(a well know philosophy reigned here in Colombia).

19.-Do you feel that the essence of black metal and similar kinds of underground music is lot when they are so easily available in internet to everyone?

Internet is a great market, a great way to show your musical talent, I do not believe in the term “underground”, what´s the idea about that stupidity? Making music, having a band just for myself? The idea of music is for someone else to listen duh!!, I just thing that term is used to showoff how “evil” or “sinister” is a band. Anyways if your band is so underground someday it will be listen to, so if that happens, is the band less “evil”?? fuck that, music is to be heard.

20.-How do you think a black metal band can have its own distinguishable sound amongst the uncounted black metal trendy bands that one usually finds?

Creativity, leaving aside the fact that Black Metal has to be only dedicated to unseen evil figures, it can be dark, cold and not necessary dedicated to evil beings, I have heard great black metal with lyrical themes such as positive issues, nature, being someone really day to day experiences. Leaving behind the thoughts that we have to be scum , be the worst , or being more evil cause I have a demonic look in my eyes, dressing like a bum,

21.-As far as I understood, you promote for a total anti-life message, don’t you? Have you ever really thought about committing suicide?

Well , not exactly anti-life, more like anti-metaller “philosophy”, I mock the scene, I mock the metal listener here, I find them funny, of course not in all my songs, I do not leave messages in my music, just like I said, what iam feeling in that moment. And I shall never commit suicide nor sing to it, that’s for the weak.

22.-Do you have any other projects musical or artistic?

In this moment I belong to a project called M42 (the name is not defined yet), it is an Electro-industrial/Electro-Dark project which I am giving all my best effort into it.

23.-Could you tell us what order you record your music in and what kind of equipment you use?

The basics, I use Ibanez guitars, Zoom pedal effects, Shure mics, for recording Creative labs, Soundblaster sound cards, Adobe audition software, Cambridge sound for monitoring.

24.-Why did you decide to dedicate “Throne of the Forsaken” to Marbas of Lucifago Rofacale and which it deals with the track?
One of my best friends, which shall never be forsaken, he will never be part of the throne of the forsaken.

25.-Do You have contact with Satanic Propaganda from Sweden?
I had, I no longer work with them.
26.-What do you think of Myspace? Is it helpful for the band?

Of course as I already said, internet is a great promoter.

27.-Thank you for the interview and I hope you will come to Mexico soon, send a message to those who are about to listen to

Thanks to you, I have always respected the Mexican metal scene for I think it’s one of the most mature worldwide, many bands I here from your country, keep up that great work, thanks for your support and the support you give others, and well a message is for them to grow up, fuck you and your immaturity, get a life, and sorry to say Asbel will go on and on until I die or get killed jajaja losers you are all. And wait for a new total concept for Asbel in the future that I know you will hate, but that’s the point anyways.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Magan-Nathicana [Mty-Mexico]



1.-The Dreamland Of Nathicana
2.-..To The Northside Of Inquanok
3.-The Steel Of My Sword
4.-Black Letany Of Nug And Yeb

Total Playing Time:24:18
Black Metal ! ! !

Download Here:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nokturnal Holocaust [Toluca-Mexico] Rehearsal [2008]

Nokturnal Holocaust-Rehearsal [2008]


1.-Nasty Cross 01:40
2.-Ritual Negro 02:07
3.-Nasty Cross 04:07

Total Playing Time:07:54

Black Metal ! ! !

Download Here:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nox Mortar [Toluca-Mexico]-Between Heresy, Blasphemy And Hate [2008]

Nox Mortar-Between Heresy, Blasphemy And Hate

Track List:
1.-War Of The Sons Of Dark 06:06
2.-The Hordes Evil Of Darkness 07:03
3.-Rituale Satanum 06:34
4.-Malleus Maleficarum 07:39
5.-Satan Embrace My Soul 04:00
6.-The Christians Fall 07:04
7.-Messe Noire 01:41
Total Playing Time: 40:07
Download here:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ang [Col]-Black Fury [2006]

Ang-Black Fury
Track List:
1.-Wind Of Fury
2.-I Invoke Skana
3.-It Thickens Somber Fog
4.-Inside Darkness And Wickedness
6.-Chaak With Rain Torch Lightning
Download Here:
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sodom Live In Monterrey Mexico [Tribute To Chris Witchhunter]