Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eisheth´s Funeral´s Demo [2007]

Eisheth´s Funeral (Mexico)-The Towers Of Eisheth (2007)

1.-Throne Of Satan
2.-The Burned Flesh Of Angels
3.-The Towers Of Eisheth
4.-Lord Of The Underworld

Total playing time:16:09

Black Fucking Metal…

Recommended for Raw Black Metal Maniacs!!!

Download here:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Eisheth´s Funeral´s Interview

Interview by: Lord Baalberith
1.-Hail Necro Mustis!!! When Eisheth´s Funeral was formed and who had the idea to form the band ?
Hail Lord Baalberith! First of all, thanks for the space and the support, well, Eisheth´s Funeral was formed in the summer of 2005 aproximately, the original idea of creating the band came from C. Maleboliant and me ...

2.-What is your current line-up ?
The current line up is : Link Tilldemann ( 4 Avernal Strings ), Hell Homer ( 666 Torment Strings ), C. Maleboliant ( Infernal Strings & Ghoul Lamentations) and Necro Müstïs (Necromantical Drums).

3.-How many demos have been released so far ?
We only have a demo entitled The towers of Eisheth, released the last year...

4.-Could you tell me about parting ways with your original vocalist ?
Well...we have a lot of problems with him...his problems were preventing him from having an acceptable performance...we had to kick him out...Eisheth's Funeral needs members who are committed and contribute with their talent ...

5.-How did you finance the recording of ¨The Towers of Eisheth¨ ?
It's an indie record, it was recorded at our rehearsal place. We know it's not the best production, but it shows our sound and have the band essence...

6.-Could you tell me about the opening track on the promo 2007,¨Throne Of Satan¨ ?
There is not much I can say about that song, it´s only true black fucking metal for true warriors !!

7.-If your were the ones who had review their most recent release what would to say ?
We would say that The Towers Of Eisheth is Black Metal without frills, without mercy to the weak, a production with raw sound, but still clear.

8.-How would you describe the musical and lyrical content of Eisheth´s Funeral ?
Well...the lyrics describes my own feels and thoughts, about christianity, the human race, satanism, etc... experiences and my particular way of perceiving certain events or situations, and the music expresses hatred, anger, loneliness, desperation...we try to translate everything that we feel in every chord, to keep the essence of Eisheth´s Funeral in each song...

9.-What bands were your main influences starting out ?
We have a lot of influences...bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Wasp, Motorhead, Sepultura, Darkthrone, Immortal, Satanic Warmaster, Rotting Christ (old), Mayhem (old), Behemoth, Marduk, Impaled Nazarene, Samael, Satyricon, Burzum, Judas Iscariot, Pagan Rites, 1349 and many more !!!

10.-What kind of cover songs did you guys start out playing ?
In the begining we start to play songs like Breaking the law (Judas Priest), Orgasmatron (Motorhead), time later we performed covers like: Into the Pentagram (Samael), Sign of Evil Existance (Rotting Christ), Dance of Eternal Shadows, Under a Funeral Moon, In the shadows of the horns (Darkthrone), Freezing Moon (Mayhem), etc...

11.- What was the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on stage ?
Maybe when the cymbals fell from the kit and the lights fucked up at Saltillo´s gig jajaja!!! or when some guys put smoke on stage, I can´t saw my drumkit and the other members of the band! that was at Mexico,D.F. gig.

12.-What do you think was the most brutal show that Eisheth´s Funeral did ?
It´s difficult to choose one !!! We think that the best shows that Eisheth´s did were : 17/08/07 Monterrey, N.L. (Marquez Rock Bar), 24/11/07, Nuevo Laredo,Mexico (Open Air) and 31/05/08 Monclova ( Salon Andaluz ), all 3 shows were fucking sick, and brutal !!

13.-What is your opinion about today's Black Metal trendy bands ?
I don´t have nothing to say about that shitty bands...I don´t like to waste my time talking about them...

14.-What motivates you to keep making music ?
The same thing that motivates us when we started playing...express what we feel making music...continue at war against christianity and spread our insane and blasphemous message to all parts of the fucking world !!! Hail Satan!!!

15.-Apart from black metal, what do you listen to? How do you prefer to spend leisure time ?
I think it´s important to know the differents styles...the most of my influences comes from heavy metal ...I listen to black metal the most of the time but still I have time to hear other proposals ... and well... I´m a music fan ! I spend the most of my leisure time listening to music ...working on ideas to make new material...I read when I have the time to do it... spend time with the band...etc...

16.-How much a week do you rehearse ?
Well I don´t practice!! , only when the band get together we rehearse around 3 or 4 hours...

17.-What are the greatest obstacles you encounter as a musician in a Black Metal band ?
Mainly the lack of support ...the talent exists...but often there is lack of support from the organizers as the metalheads...there are few people who really care about supporting the Black Metal...people like you who make webzines to support local and new bands ...and the few organizers that organize Black Metal gigs...

18.-What are your personal spiritual beliefs, do you think there is another existence after death ?
I don´t think about it...I don´t care if I will live after death ....I concentrate in this life and in this moment...

19.-Do you have any problems with fucking christians or police ?
Well I only remember that day when I was with You waiting the bus and the fucking police came to us and they say that we look suspects and they began checking us looking for drugs or something like that...jajajaja fucking stupids... and the christians...they never have been involved with me or with the band...they know that we will put a crucifix in their ass if they involve with us !!!

20.-Do any of the band members contribute to other underground activity ?
Actually yes! C. Maleboliant and I play in other project called Bestial Cerberus (Black Metal) and I play drums in Black Ritual too ( Black Metal, Saltillo, Coah.)

21.-What´s the reason for corpsepaint, do you really think it´s necessary ?
We´re Black Metal Warriors...it´s a part of us ...that´s why we use corpse/war paint, we´re and we represent infernal creatures...we´re legionaries of hell...and our war against christianity begins in the stage...but obviously...each band has it´s style and way of feel the Black Metal and we respect each way of thinking...

22.-Do you have contacts with true raw Black Metal Hordes ?
We have contact with true Black Metal Hordes...serious bands like Opus Nocturne, Black Ritual, Saman / Moon lighting Hell, Aiwass, Black Vomit, Diabolical Shadows, Hiborym, Tempest, Malevenia, Helvete, Black Empire, Calvarium Funestus, Zepharnecron, Luciferus, Nox Mortar, Azatoth, Mutilador, Necromancy, Encarnalium Nosferatum...etc…

23.-Thanks for your time and answers, how can the readers obtain your Demo and what else do you have to say ?
Thanks to you!! Thanks for your interest in Eisheth's Funeral, has been an honour for us ....the demo is available for download on your webzine...We hope that our demo it´s to the liking of the Metalheads...we hope your signatures and comments in the band myspace and by e-mail ...we´re working on the final details to record our first cd and it will be Pure Fucking Black Metal !!! Infernal Hails to the readers of Baalberith Zine and to our Warbro Lord Baalberith!!!

Myspace : www.myspace.com/eishethsfuneralmty
Necro Müstïs : necrofuneral@gmail.com
C. Maleboliant : chinomaleboliant@hotmail.com
Link Tilldemann : link_tilldemann@hotmail.com
Hell Homer: homero_guitar11@hotmail.com

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hirilorn / Nasav (France / Mexico) Split [2000]

CD Produced By Sempiternal Prods (Fernando Castel) USA

Hirilorn tracks are from their debut demo 1997 “A Hymn To The Ancient Souls”
Nasav tracks are from their debut demo 1998 “Umr At Tawil”

1.-Return To The Druids
2.-Haxan (Omen Of The Witches)
3.-Haunted Castle Of Rising Solitude
4.-Where Lightning Strikes Eternally
5.-Astral Entities

6.-The advent Of An Era Evertold-Lost In The Woods
7.-Les Letanies Des Druidas
8.-Cults Des Ritos Des Ghoules
9.-Through The Gates Of Silver Key

Total Playing Time: 50:21

Highly Recommended!!!

Download Here: