Friday, May 14, 2010

Oscuridad-Demoniac Throne [Colombia]

Demoniac Throne

Full-Length, Manitu Recs

Recorded at Forest Studios [Medellín, Colombia 2006] except "The Dark Magician" & "Embera Demoniac Throne" [In febraury 2005].

Engineered & mixed by Río De Muerte.

All music & lyrics by Río De Muerte except lyrics in "Darkest Loneliness", "Unholy Spirit" and "Looking With Hate" by Shadow.

Lyrics in "Infernal Gates" by Equimanthorn.

Original front cover art by Shadow.

Track : "Black Moon Night" is a tribute to Degradeath [legenday Medellin's metal band from 1993]

Río De Muerte-Guitar & Keyboards

Manithou-Vocals in "Looking with Hate"
Rama Amentis-Vocals in "Aliados de las Fuerzas del Mal"

Includes a bonus track video "Black Armor"

Track List:

01.-The Darkest Loneliness 04:02
02.-Unholy Spirit 06:48
03.-My Solitary Pactum 03:35
04.-The Dark Magician 04:46
05.-Looking With Hate 04:31
06.-Infernal Gates 04:50
07.-Aliados De Las Fuerzas Del Mal 05:04
08.-Black Moon Night 04:17
09.-Embera Demoniac Throne 05:43
10.-Black Evol 06:01

Total Playing Time 49:36

Black Metal!

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