Sunday, March 20, 2011

Protector-Misanthropy [Germany]

EP, Atom H Records
July 3rd, 1987

LP 12"
Released as ATOM H 001
Included on the 'Echoes from the Past' compilation

Martin Missy - vocals
Hansi Muller - guitars
Ede Belichmeier - bass
Michael Hasse - drums

Track List:

01.-Misanthropy 03:53
02.-Holy Inquisition 03:19
03.-Agoraphobia 04:09
04.-The Mercenary 03:37
05.-Kain And Abel 04:07
06.-Holocaust 03:41

Total Playing Time 22:46

Thrash Death Metal!

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Lord Impaler-Demo 2009 [Greece]

Demo 2009

Demo, Self released

All music and lyrics by Lord Impaler
Recorded and engineered by Lord Impaler
Mixed and mastered by Francesco Felcini

Line Up:

Lord Nebulah-guitars

Track List:

01.-Homage 06:05
02.-Warchant 04:55

Total Playing Time 11:00

Black Metal!

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Lord Impaler-Twilight Wander [Greece]

Twilight Wander

Demo, Self released
March 2001

Track List:

01.-Mournful Dusk 02:27
02.-Final Gates 04:13
03.-Travel through Abyss 04:30
04.-Eternal Wander Beyond The Unseen 01:36

Total Playing Time 12:46

Black Death Metal!

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Equimanthorn-The Last Prayer [Switzerland]

The Last Prayer
Self Released
March 1990

Track List:

01.-Jesus Slaves 05:48
02.-Boundaries Of Hell 04:15
03.-The Last Prayer 06:02
04.-Acheron 04:18
05.-Power Of Blood 03:37
06.-Dark Messiah 03:49

Total Playing Time 27:49

Black Death Metal!

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