Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maledictus-Promo 2008 [ Chihuahua-Mexico ]

Maledictus-Promo 2008

Track List:

01.-May A bullet Pierce Their Hearts
02.-Lord Of Darkness

Black Metal !
Hella-Bass / Vocals
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Necro Schizma-Erupted Evil-Compilation [2001]

Necro Schizma-Erupted Evil
Demo +Live
Track List:

01.- Intro: Doom Of The Necroslaughter
02.- Erupted Evil
03.- Bestial Lust
04.- Crucified Carcass
05.- Mass Murderer
06.- Triumph Of Death [Hellhammer Cover]
07.- Intro: Doom Of The Necroslaughter [Live]
08.- Erupted [Live]
09.- Pre-Natal Autopsy [Live]
10.- Bestial Lust [Live]
11.- Crucified Carcass [Live]
12.- Necrocarnation [Live]
13.- Triumph Of Death [Hellhammer Cover Live]

Total Playing Time:01:17:25
Doom Death Metal!

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Necrovore-Divus De Mortuus Demo 87

Necrovore-Divus De Mortuus

Track List:

01.-Mutilated Death 04:41
02.-Slaughtered Remains 04:10
03.-Divus De Mortuus 03:28
04.-Toxic Decay 05:18

Total Playing Time : 17:37
Death Metal!

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Grotesque-InThe Embrace Of Evil [1996]

Grotesque-In The Embrace Of Evil

Track List:

01.-Thirteen Bells Of Doom 02:25
02.-Blood Runs From The Altar 04:25
03.-Submit To Death 03:28
04.-Fall Into Decay 04:47
05.-Seven Gates 02:03
06.-Angels Blood 07:37
07.-Nocturnal Blasphemies 04:37
08.-Spawn Of Azathoth 02:38
09.-Incantation 07:21
10.-Church Of The Pentagram 05:25
11.-Ripped From The Cross 04:15

Total Playing Time:49:01

Death Black Metal!

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Nattefrost-Blood & Vomit [2004]

Nattefrost-Blood & Vomit

Track List:

01.-Ancient Devil Worshipping
02.-Sluts Of Hell
03.-Satanic Victory
04.-Universal Funeral
05.-The Art Of Spiritual Purification
06.-Sanctum 666
07.-Whore (Filthy Whore
08.-Mass Destruction
09.-Nattefrost Takes A Piss
10.-The Gate Of Nanna [Beherit Cover]
11.-Still Reaching For Hell

Total Playing Time:39:55
Black Metal!

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Dissection-Maha Kali [2004]

Dissection-Maha Kali

Track List:

01.-Maha Kali 06:01
02.-Unhallowed [Rebirth Version] 06:06

Total Playing Time: 12:07

Black Death Metal!

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Gomory-Pagan Land [2006]

Gomory-Pagan Land

Track List:

01.-Pagan Lands
02.-The Lament Of The Angels
03.-Heretic & Evil
04.-Cult End Rites To The Lord Of The Infernal Winds
05.-Devilish Impure
06.-Here Die The False God
07.-Pagan Rites [Pagan Rites Cover]

Total Playing Time:
Black Metal!

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Argentum-Matter Misericordiae [1993]

Argentum-Matter Misericordiae

Track List:

01.-The Chariots Mournful 06:56
02.-Asstrum Argentum 06:28
03.-The Serpent's Lament 04:11
04.-Inner Necrology 06:40

Total Playing Time: 24:15
Black Doom Metal!

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A Mors Et Bello-Sounds Of Horror [2006]

A Mors Et Bello-Sounds Of Horror

Track List:

01.-The Opening Of Horror 01:34
02.-The War From The Darkness Sites Of Earth 05:07
03.-Domination, Mortification, Abomination, Desolation Of Wicked 04:33
04.-Bestemmiatore E Distruttore 04:15
05.-Gloria Patri Satan 05:01
06.-Soldiers Of Satan 06:42
07.-Sounds Of Horror 04:30
08.-Dominazione Di Satanas [Demo] 05:21

Total Playing Time: 37:03
Black Metal!

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Unholier-La Ronde Du Sabbath [1991]

Unholier-La Ronde Du Sabbath

Track List:

01.-La Ronde Du Sabbath 05:52
02.-Nazarenus Supplicium 03:50
03.-Unholy Funeral 05:34

Total Playing Time: 14:36
Death Thrash Metal!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dark Storm-The Early Years [2002]

Dark Storm-The Early Years
Tracks 01-06 From "Four Lucan Emperors" MCD 1996 Tracks 07-08 From "Black Horns Of Saaz" Split EP W/ Maniac Butcher 1995 Tracks 09-12 From "In Nomine Dark Storm" Demo 1994

1.-Intro 01:23
2.-Trial With All Gods 02:57
3.-Emperors Vengeance 04:39
4.-Vatican In Flames 03:45
5.-Svata Krev 03:36
6.-The Shedding Of Holy Blood 04:34
7.-War 04:34
8.-Victory 03:39
9.-The Rebirth 05:32
10.-Dark Storm 07:00
11.-Satan Has Already Risen 08:30

Total Playing Time 52:34

Raw Black Metal !

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Kampfar-Fra Underverdenen [1999]

Kampfar-Fra Underverdenen

Track List:

01.-I Ondskapens Kunst 07:13
02.-Troll Død Og Trolldom 07:38
03.-Norse 05:32
04.-Svart Og Vondt 08:04
05.-Mørk Pest 05:15
06.-Fra Underverdenen 03:15

Total Playing Time : 36:56

Pagan Black Metal !

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Rising Moon-Hate From Heaven [1998]

Rising Moon-Hate From Heaven

Track List:
01.-The Last Gate 05:25
02.-Clerical Moon 03:59
03.-Celestial Elegy 05:51
04.-Graveless Cemetery 05:27
05.-Hate From Heaven 04:28
06.-Tetro Tedio [Pt 2] 02:48
07.-Gothic Cathedral 06:12
08.-Wake On The Tombstone Of Love 03:21
09.-17th Infernal Flower 03:24

Total Playing Time 40:55

Death Metal !

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Lucifugum-Instinct Prevelance [2001]

Lucifugum-Instinct Prevelance

Tracks 1-5 Were Taken From “Path Of Wolf” [1996]
Tracks 6-10 Were Taken From “Skvoz Ravnodushnoe Nebo”[Through The Indifferent Sky” [1997]

01.-On Search Of My Soul 04:01
02.-Bringing By Rain 04:40
03.-The Mysterious Garden 05:30
04.-The Sabbath
05.-Wolves 04:28
06.-Lesnaja Pesn 03:25
07.-Vozvraschenie V Nikuda 04:12
08.-Pod Shelest Vetvei 04:47
09.-Im, Mudrym I Jyvym 03:27
10.-7 Minute Dark Ambient Track 06:54

Total Playing Time: 45:14

Black Metal !

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Frostmoon-Tordenkrig [1999]


Track List:
1.-Skogsrost 03:45
2.-Vikingmakt 04:02
3.-Iskaldt Raseri 00:50
4.-Norgesriket Hylles 03:55
5.-Hersker Av Market 05:24
6.-For Alltid 04:15
7.-A Funeral Memorial 03:18
8.-Behind The Snowcovered Mountains 00:52
9.-Attack Of The Northern Frostwinds 04:34
10.-Black Bestial Funeral 03:10

Total Playing Time: 34:05

Viking Black Metal!

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Kampfar-Seasons Of Mist [1995]

Kampfar-Season Of Mist

Track List:

1.-Kampfar 09:03
2.-Hymne 07:02
3.-Hjemkomsten 02:35

Total Playing Time: 18:40

Pagan Black Metal !

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Pagan Rites-Pagan Rites

Pagan Rites-Pagan rites

Tracks 1-5 Specially Recorded For This Cd, Never Released Anywhere Else. Tracks 6-8 Taken From "Pagan Rites" Demo. Tracks 9-10 Taken From "Hail Victory !" Ep Tracks 11-17 Taken From "Pagan Metal" Demo

01.-Frost 02:12
02.-Lord Of Fire 03:51
03.-Crucified In Flames 03:36
04.-Pagan Rites 03:48
05.-Unholy Ancient War 03:38
06.-Metal King 04:21
07.-Images Of The Moon 03:47
08.-Return To The Lake Of Fire 04:37
09.-Hail Victory! 05:17
10.-Heathen Land 05:01
11.-Domain Of The Frozen Souls 05:28
12.-Land Beyond Our Dreams 04:45
13.-Pagan Metal 02:51
14.-Winter Grief 04:15
15.-Under The Church 05:34
16.-Blood Of My Enemies [ Manowar Cover ] 03:47

Total Playing Time: 01:12:54

Black Metal !

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