Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Affluent Of Styx-Thoron [2000]

Affluent Of Styx [France]-Thoron
Track List:

1.-Tue Ne Le Divin Enfant 06:04
2.-Condamnation De Latrodecte 03:21
3.-Ad Usque Terras Mors-Intermezzo 01:49
4.-Phusis 08:09
5.-Rapax Ataraxia-Intermezzo 01:02
6.-Fardeau Miserable De La Genese Divine Fleaulienne 08:05

Total Playing Time: 28:40

Black / Death Metal!

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Varathron-Genesis Of The Apocrypal Desire [1991]

Varathron-Genesis Of The Apocrypal Desire

Track List:
01.-La Reine Noir
02.-Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire
03.-The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep
04.-Seven Endless Horizones
05.-Journey Beyond (Outro)
Black Metal!

Nirvana 2002 [Sweden]-Disembodied Spirits [1991]

Disembodied Spirits
Track List:
1.-Slumber 4:10
2.-Zombiefication 2:42
3.-The Awekening Of… 3:23

Old School Death Metal!


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Abhorer-Unholy Blasphemer [2004]

Abhorer-Unholy Blasphemer

1-9 From Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt (Full-length)
10-11 From Upheaval Of Blasphemy (EP 93)
12-16 From Rumpus Of The Undead (Demo 89)

Track List:

1.-Invoking Nana Sahib, Satyrical Goat Of Mendes 01:02
2.-Concubinal Celibatic Myrmidonian Whores 03:59
3.-Abandonment Of Chastity 03:05
4.-Hymeneal Altar Of Messianic Salacitation 04:44
5.-Phlegethonic Sybaritical Demimonde 05:00
6.-Dom Abaddoniel Abysstic Demonolatry 05:02
7.-Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt 03:50
8.-Expiation Of Seraphic Patriarch 03:37
9.-Saith…Empyrean Sabaoth Of Azarak 04:31
10.-Abandonment Of Chastity 03:10
11.-Heathendom Incarnate 05:03
12.-Revivification (Intro) 01:48
13.-Repudiated Faith 04:17
14.-Rumpus Of The Undead 03:39
15.-Diabolic Epitaph 03:19
16.-Profane Immolation

Total Playing Time: 58:29

Black Death Thrash Metal!

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Asgard[Canada]-Cold Season [2001]

Asgard-Cold Season [2001]
Track List:

1.-Cold Season 06:43
2.-Book Of Hel 05:19
3.-Beware The Wolves (Part 1) / Cosmogony (Part 2) 08:26
4.-Battle Of Shadows 05:27
5.-To Walk The Path Of Odhinn 06:46
6.-As Wolves Gather Beneath A Frozen 05:03

Total Playing Time 37:44

Black / Death Metal !

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Vesania-Firefrost Arcanum [2003]

Vesania-Firefrost Arcanum

Track List:

01.-Mystherion Crystaleyes
02.-Introit Algor
03.-Nova Persei
04.-Algorfocus Nefas
05.-Mardukes Mazemerising
06.-Moonthrone Dawn Broken
07.-Niaintroit Focus
08.-Daemoonion Act II
09.-Introit Nefas
10.-Dukedoom Black

Black Metal !

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blood Stained Dusk-Dirge of Death's Silence [2001]

Blood Stained Dusk-Dirge of Death's Silence

Track List:

01.-Moon Behind The Storm
02.-Bringer Of Everlasting Damnation
03.-Renounce The Dawn
04.-The Infernal Braise
05.-Vastland Of The Empire Lost
06.-Ganguinas Bath- The Blood I Follow
07.-Funeral Of Lamentation

Black Metal !

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Ang [Colombia]-Music For The Nights Of Solitude And Melancholy [2005]

Ang –Music For The Nights Of Solitude And Melancholy

Tracks list:

01.-Desperate Screams [Intro]
02.-Agony In The Destruction
03.-Died Days
04.-Black Time
05.-Caves Of Blood
06.-Prints Of The Forest
07.-Night Acts
10.-Hidden Night
11.-Tomhet [Burzum Cover]

Black Metal / Ambient !!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vulcano-Live [1985]

Track List:

1.-Witch´s Sabbath
2.-Prisioners From Beyond
3.-Fallen Angel
4.-Riding In Hell
5.-The Signals
6.-Satan´s Warriors
7.-Devil On My Roof
8.-Total Destruction
9.-Satanic Legions
10.-Land Of Misery
11.-Tears Of Truth
12.-Shadows In The Mirror
Black / Death / Thrash Metal !
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