Sunday, March 28, 2010

Autopsy Torment-Orgy With The Dead [Sweden

Orgy With The Dead

Full-Length, Miriquidi Prods
June 2002

12" LP limited to 380 handnumbered copies

Track List:

1.-Orgy With The Dead 03:38
2.-Humanipulation 04:27
3.-I, The Morbid And Grotesque 02:52
4.-Only Pleasure In Life...Death 03:04
5.-Human Puzzle 04:10
6.-Mark Of The Devil 03:43
7.-Stiff, Cold Lover 05:35
8.-Gory To The Brave [Bonus Track - Only On Vinyl] 02:32

Total Playing Time 30:01

Death Thrash Metal !

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Necrophobic-Satanic Blasphemies [Sweden]

Satanic Blasphemies

Best Of / Compilation, Regain Recs
July 7th, 2009

This Is A Compilation Of Necrophobic's Studio Demos And Their EP "The Call."

Track List:

01.-Slow Asphyxiation 04:04
02.-Realm Of Terror 03:30
03.-Retaliation 03:41
04.-Sacrificial Rites 05:38
05.-Unholy Prophecies 05:45
06.-Inborn Evil 04:58
07.-Shadows Of The Moon 01:09
08.-The Ancients Gate 05:32
09.-Father Of Creation 06:12

Total Playing Time 40:29

Blackened Death Metal!

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Inverted-Revocation Of The Beast [Sweden]

Revocation Of The Beast

EP, Wild Rags Recs

Track List:

01.-Revocation Of The Beast 05:07
02.-Beyond The Holy Ground 03:53
03.-Lost [With Christ] 04:27
04.-Midtro To Into The Sign 01:01
05.-Into The Sign Of Chaos 05:26

Total Playing Time 19:54

Death Metal !

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The Great Kat-Rossini's Rape [USA]

Rossini´s Rape

EP, TPR Music

Track List:

01.-Rossini's "William Tell Overture" For Symphony Orchestra & Band 01:53
02.-Sodomize 01:40
03.-Castration 01:12
04.-Bazzini's "The Road Of The Goblins" For Violin, Piano & Band 01:35

Total Playing Time 06:25

Speed Thrash Metal!

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The Great Kat-Worship Me Or Die! [USA]

Worship Me Or Die!

Full-length, Roadracer Records

Re-released on August 20, 2007 by Metal Mind Productions from Poland as a new
digipack edition on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process and
limited to numerated 2000 copies.

Track List:

01.-Metal Messiah 02:59
02.-Kat Possessed 02:44
03.-Death To You 02:13
04.-Satan Goes To Church 03:06
05.-Worship Me Or Die 02:02
06.-Demons 02:46
07.-Speed Death 02:38
08.-Kill The Mothers 02:43
09.-Ashes To Dust 04:09
10.-Satan Says 02:58
11.-Metal Massacre 01:57

Total Playing Time 30:17

Speed Thrash Metal!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Volahn-Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico [USA]

Dimensiones Del Trance Kosmico
Volahn belongs to the Black Twilight Circle, The band was founded on April 6, 2003. Volahn means Ritual Kaos.

Label contact:

Full-length, Crepusculo Negro
October 12th, 2008

Cassette version limited and hand-number to 100 pieces. Screenprinted covers w/ a patch. Klaxon Records will be handling the LP/CD versions.

Track List:

01.-Trascendencia del Espacio y Tiempo 07:55
02.-Soledad en Despertar 05:22
03.-Uno con Kaos 05:05
04.-Crepúsculo Negro 04:23
05.-Cuerpo de Fuego 06:10
06.-Trance Ceremonial 07:09
07.-Caliz Del Purgamiento 08:26

Total Playing Time 44:26

Black Metal !

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Geistus-Geistus [USA]

Demo, The Funeral Agency

Art by Ross Sewage

Track List:

03.-Broken Unclean Spirit

Total Playing Time

Black Metal!

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Raventhrone-Malice In Wonderland [Canada]

Malice In Wonderland

Full-length, AvantGarde Music

There is a different edition of this album where "Obsidion Horizon" is track 4
and "Malicegarden", named "Intro / Malice Garden", is track 1. "The Threefaced
King of Dominion One" is entitled "The Threefaced King of the First Dominion".
Musically, there are no differences however.

Track List:

01.-Obsidian Horizon [The Infinite Azure] 05:10
02.-Raventhrone 04:56
03.-Malicia The Third [Empress of Insomnia] 05:21
04.-Malicegarden 04:38
05.-Ode To All Brave 03:25
06.-The Three Faced King Of Dominion One 03:25
07.-The Stargazer [Chastise the Absolute] 04:10
08.-Crépuscule 03:28
09.-Vision Dementia 04:08
10.-Final Farewell [A Voyage in Cm] 02:08

Total Playing Time 40:50

Folk Epic Black Metal !

Invictus-Imperium Paganum [Hungary]

Imperium Paganum
Full-length, No Colours Records

First 300 released in a limited Slipcase

Track List:

01.-Hegemony 05:48
02.-Towards to Asgaard 04:27
03.-Sol Invictus 05:15
04.-Imperium Paganum 04:33
05.-Black Sun 05:27
06.-Ariosophy [Blood Of Martyrs] 07:00

Bonus Track

07.-Song Of the Runes [Demo] 03:38
08.-Die Liebe Nerthus [Burzum Cover] 02:30

Total Playing Time 38:38

Medieval Ambient Folk Metal!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Min Kniv-Av Aske [Norway]

Av Aske
Demo, Fossbrenna Creations
August 26th, 2007

No tracklist in the booklet.

"Av Aske" means "By Ash".

Track List:

01.-Untitled 06:33
02.-Untitled 10:56
03.-Untitled 06:36

Total Playing Time 24:05

Raw Black Metal !

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Istorn-Gjennom Mørke Skogen [Norway]

Gjennom Mørke Skogen
Demo, Fossbrenna Prods

Also released in a 2nd edition with different colour covers

Track List:

01.-Gjennom Mørke Skogen 06:42
02.-Grief 06:44
03.-Mørke 05:47

Total Playing Time 19:13

Black Metal !

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Deathchurch-Unsilent Hate Anthem [Japan]

Unsilent Hate Anthem
EP, NWN Prod/Klaxon

7" EP

Track List:

01.-Unsilent Hate Anthem 03:52
02.-Rebellions Black 02:57
03.-Vomit Upon the Burning Heaven 03:31
04.-Black Cum Suffocation 05:19

Total Playing Time 15:39

Black Metal !

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Deathchurch-Paranoid Destruktion [Japan]

Paranoid Destruktion
Demo, Self Released

Track List:

01.-Total Destruktive Arising 04:24
02.-Deathcrush [Mayhem cover] 03:12
03.-Terror Revelation 04:18

Total Playing Time 11:54

Black Metal!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kadotus-Seven Glorifications Of Evil [Finland]

Seven Glorifications Of Evil
Full-length, Blut & Eisen
August 2003

These Glorification's were recorded in July 2003 Anno Sathanas at Boneyard

CD released in 2003 by Blut & Eisen with a untitled bonus track, limited to 500

CD re-released in 2009 by Blut & Eisen/W.T.C, limitation unknown.

LP released in 2003 by Blut & Eisen with a untitled bonus track, limited to 400
hand numbered copies on black wax.

MC released in 2003 by Cathedral Ruins, limited to 300 hand numbered copies and does not contain the bonus track.

Both the CD and LP include a untitled bonus track (02:03)

Track List:

01.-Raping The White Purity 04:04
02.-Ritual Engraved In Skin 05:09
03.-Sinister Anthems 04:35
04.-New Dawn Of Desolation 04:27
05.-Into Nothingness 06:23
06.-A Dream Of Decayed Light 03:20
07.-Melancholic Light Of Moon 03:57

Total Playing Time 33:53

Black Metal!

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Divina Inferis-Triumph Of The Possessed [Finland]

Triumph Of The Possessed

Demo, AAP
October 2005

Track List:

01.-Horns Insist Victims 13:54
02.-More Souls for His Victory 09:46
03.-The Purple Throne 08:59

Total Playing Time 33:00

Black Metal!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pacta Demonearoum-When The Heavens Fall...The Arrive Of Ancient Empire [Mexico]

When The Heavens Fall...The Arrive Of Ancient Empire

EP, Darkmedieval Prods

Limited to 100 copies

Track List:

01.-Satanic Cult [Intro]-The Call Of The Black Shades Of Moon 02:44
02.-Invoking To Old Spirits Of Lakes And Mounts 06:00
03.-Horses Of Hell 04:20
04.-When The Heaven's Fall 06:11

Total Playing Time 19:15

Black Metal!

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Lost In The Shadows & Lord Infernal-Sons Of Lucifer Live ´08 [Mexico]

Lost In The Shadows was form in 2001 by: Alastor-guitar & vocals, Dev-drums and Geburah-bass but it takes it enters in the keyboards Dalrth, Isthar [Moonlight] is invited to the band in the session guitar and at the time it is replaced for Nebiros but leave the band, it is replaced by Arsnefas, Le`ugihnm enter to the bando in the vocals.

Lost In The Shadows has played with local bands: Ereshkigal, Black Empire, Forest of Doom, Ars Inferi, Ocularis Infernum, Saman, Moonlighting Hell, Lord Infernal, Equimanthorn, Luciferian Rites, Demon Kultur, etc and with international bands like: Inquisition , Enthroned, Belphegor, Adumus, etc…

Lord Infernal was formed by: Lord Blasfemiis Kephas-guitar / vocal and Dev [Lost In The Shadows] drums / vocals in November 2007, at the little time Lord Lvcifer it is invited bass / screams. Arsnefas [Lost In The Shadows] in the rhythm guitar, but abandoned for lack of time trials.

In April 2008 decided to record a rehearsal tape titled "Pact With Lucifer" limited to 66 copies and in the same year they recorded a live split with the band Lost In The Shadows titled "Sons Of Lucifer" limited to only 25 copies.

In turn both bands appear on a compilation titled "The Satanist Cult" under the Infernal Shadows Horde Prods.

For more info write to:

Sons Of Lucifer

Split 2008

Track List:

Lost In The Shadows
01.-Fighting For Satan Throne 03:33
02.-Cold Wind 04:45

Lord Infernal
03.-Satanael 03:42
04.-Revelation In The Wood Of Geburah 06:21

Total Playing Time 18:21

Black Metal !

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