Saturday, May 23, 2009

Funebre-Hasadás [Hungary]

Demo, Self-released2003

Track List:

01.-Szunnyadás 04:15
02.-Nyomorodj Meg! 04:03*
03.-Csendesedjetek 06:47
*Track taken from the EP Splitorment

Total Playing Time: 15:05

Black Metal!

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Hercobulus-Mente Enferma [N.L.-Mexico]

Hercobulus-Mente Enferma
Track List:

01.-El Despertar De La Bestia 04:35
02.-La Guerra Final 02:36
03.-Destinados Al Infierno 02:51
04.-Iluminados 04:21
05.-Mente Enferma 03:07
06.-La Llegada Del Fin Del Mundo 03:37

Total Playing Time: 21:07

Thrash Metal!

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Bardo-I [Hungary]

EP, Valse Sinistre2008

Pro-CDr in DVD case + sticker, limited to 244 handnumbered copies

Track List:

01.- 0 02:22
02.- 1 05:08
03.- 2 06:18
04.- 3 04:47
05.- 4 04:53

Total Playing Time: 23:25

Funeral Doom/Black Metal/Ambient!

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Assur-Vesztes Csaták [Hungary]

Assur-Vesztes Csaták
Single, Self released
July 2008

Track List:

01.- I 07:19
02.- II 05:12

Total Playing Time:12:31

Pagan Metal!

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Saman & Llova Death In Mortum-Spell Of The Unholy One [N.L.-Mexico]

Saman & Llova Death In Mortum-Spell Of The Unholy One

01.-Mandatis Du Reines Sathanas 06:52
02.-Sacrifice 03:01
03.-Malevolence 03:40

Llova Death In Mortum

04.-Soldados De La Eterna Blasfemia 03:32
05.-Grial Infernal 03:45
06.-Sacrificio Azteca 06:18

Total Playing Time: 27: 08

Black Metal!

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Avar-...Szebb Az Ósz, S Legszebb A Tél [Hungary]

Avar-...Szebb Az Ósz, S Legszebb A Tél
Track List:

01.-Intro 01:18
02.-Tiszta Szivvel 02:52
03.-Temetesre Szol Az Enek 03:07
04.-Egy Szomoru Vers 03:19
05.-A Halal Rokona 03:17
06.-Ime Hat Megleltem Hazamat 03:28
07.-Outro 00:35

Total Playing Time: 17:56

Pagan Metal!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lord Vampyr´s Interview [Italy]

Interview by: Lord Baalberith

1.-Lord Vampyr! First of all we could say as the idea of making your new band?
After some experience with my other project like CAIN and Shadowsreign, I felt it was time to return to my main project LORD VAMPYR, more people was waiting for.

2.-Which is the current line-up of Lord Vampyr band?
Lord Vampyr:Vocals
Lady Eter: Female vocals,
Seth 666: Guitars,
Endymion: Keyboards

3.-Because you decided to leave Theatres Des Vampires and who is staying with the name of the band?
There were more personal problems…for the name is another story but I don’t want to tell…Sorry!!

4.-As is your relationship with the members of Theatres Des Vampires?

5.-If you asked returning to Theatres Des Vampires would you?
I don’t believe.

6.-Could define your own words what is the style of music you play now?
Avant-garde metal

7.-How long now have into metal, remember which was the first album you bought or got?
Mmm…I don’t remember…IRON MAIDEN…maybe..

8.-Lord Vampyr has played on tours outside of Italy and with whom?
No, it’s the first time that I play with LORD VAMPYR outside of Italy.

9.-Girls who are appearing on the cover of your CD "De Vampirica Philosophia" one of them is your girlfriend?
Oh no, are just friends of my friends eheh

10.-What are your biggest influences as vocalist and guitarist?
King Diamond, Hetfield , Araya [for vocals]….for the guitar I don’t’ know.

11.-When you decide to become a musician and instruments that play?
Was 1987…the music is my life…the guitar is my instrument from the begin.

12.-That inspires you to compose your music and your lyrics that speak?
Films, books and music, but sometime I have a melody in my head and then born a song.

13.-Who do you composed the track from "Carmilla…Whispers from the grave? Carmilla exists or is just an imaginary?
Oh no…is just a tale…

14.-We could say briefly that the lyrics speak of your CD "De Vampirica Philosophia"?
Gothic stories are usually all set in places reminiscent of the Carpathians and the Transylvanian

15.-Could tell Us how is the process of composition? Compose your first in Italian and then into English or vice versa?
Usually I write the lyrics first because it helps me to understand in which direction should I move with the music, I try to make me carry the emotions of the lyrics.

16.-As is the underground scene in your Country, there are enough pubs or clubs to play metal music?
There are more clubs but the problem is that the owner prefer to show only a cover band or metalcore band, and then when there are the concert of the local band no more people come.
17.-Personally what the best Italian bands for you?
Lacuna Coil, Novembre, Vision Divine, Spite Extreme Wings.

18.-Lord Vampyr is a solid band or is just a project? or is it something you want to do for a long time?
Lord Vampyr now is a solid band and we are working on new songs…

19.-What could We say about these bands: Shadowsreign, Sepolcrum & Cain? You have played in bands and these are different styles of music from gothic metal, doom / death metal & black metal, We could say that you are not difficult to play these styles? These are just some projects or is a solid band?
These are projects, Shadowsreign is a closed chapter, for Cain I’m working on the new songs.

20.-Whom think the girls are sexy and hottest in the world? And what would be the perfect girl for you?
I love the latin girls…black hair…the perfect girl is a person that believe in me and support my choice and so on…

21.-When you're on tour you keep connected to your relatives or family?
Yes I call them everyday.

22.-Which is the best pub you've found in any of touring and what is your favorite beer?
I don’t know cause every pub and club has a special feature or something that I like. Beer: Corona.

23.-In which city You live now and as is the underground scene there?
I live in Rome, there are more good bands like Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ade…and some of others

24.- You came to Mexico or in any occasion this will be the first time that you do?
It’s the first time.

25.-Cities that have confirmed your tour of Mexico? And what do you think about the Mexican fans?
After the first part of the tour interrupted for the epidemy, now we come back in August/September

26.-Do you have any plans for upcoming tour with Cain in Mexico?
No, Cain is a solo project, I was playing just a concert in Rome.

27.-Something to add?
Thanks to all great fans in MEXICO…see U soon!!!


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Funebre-Hunderground Vol 1 [Hungary]

Funebre-Hunderground Vol 1
EP, Self-Released
This release is inspired to present the vigour of Hungarian underground.

Track List:
01.-About The World Of Man 04:04
02.-Into The Torment [Tormentor Cover] 04:03

Total playing Time: 08:07

Black Metal!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Dagor Dagorath-Times Of Distress [Israel]

Dagor Dagorath-Times Of Distress
2003-This band was founded by Vorog (guitar/lead vocal), Getman Azach (keyboards/back vocal) Mizgir (bass guitar). After the half year work with the material, the band plays its first live-gig, where Dagor Dagorath gets to know with "Psychopatia Sexualis", who joins as a drummer. The band makes more performances together with different bands.
2004/2005-Two members of the band joins the army, and the artistic life of this band is a little bit frozen. Nevertheless the band records their demo-album "Times of Distress" and continues making live performances.
2006-"Psychopatia Sexualis" leaves Dagor Dagorath for some personal reasons. The band begins to work on creating of the new songs.
2007-After returning from the army, all the members finish with the material and in august start recording the songs for their debut-album. "Psychopatia Sexualis" takes part in this process as a session-musician
2008-Dagor Dagorath finishes the recording of the debut-album "Yetzer Ha'Ra". In march the band is supplemented with Larion (lead vocal). At the moment Dagor Dagorath is actively searching for a Label and preparing for shows.
Contacting Dagor Dagorath
For interviews, band contact and any other questions :

You can find Dagor Dagorath at:
Demo, Self-Production
Track List:
01.-Intro 01:48
02.-Fate Of Slaves 03:39
03.-In The Flames Of Bonefires 04:50
04.-The First Battle 05:31
05.-Times Of Distress 04:11
06.-Outro 02:01
Total Playing Time: 22:00
Pagan Black Metal!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nifelheim-Unholy Death [Sweden]

Nifelheim-Unholy Death
Nifelheim-Unholy Death [Sweden]

EP, Primitive Art RecordsDecember 2000

Tyrant-Bestial Holocaust
Hellbutcher-Unholy Deathvomits
Demon-Pounding Disaster

Studio: home recording
Recorded: Between December -92 and January -93
Produced by: Nifelheim
Mastered at: Studio Rövhål
Cover artwork: Hellbutcher
13 ex on blue vinyl with blood on cover
first 100 are numbered and have blood on the cover
200 ex. on black vinyl and post card in
the rest (666 in total) are plain black vinyl

Track List:

01.-Unholy Death 03:01
02.-The Devastation 04:30

Total Playing Time:07:31

Black Metal!

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Gorgoroth-The Last Tormentor [Norway]

Gorgoroth-The Last Tormentor
EP, Malicious RecordsOctober 1996

Recorded live at Garage in Bergen, Norway, the 23rd May 1996.7"
EP on red vinyl, limited to 666 copies.

Track List:

01.-Revelation Of Doom 04:30
02.-Ritual 04:35

Total Playing Time: 09:05

Black Metal!

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Lament Christ-In Ventus Est Dolor [Peru]

Lament Christ-In Ventus Est Dolor
Demo, Independent

Reedited in professional printing remastered CDR in 2004

Track List:

01.-The Cry Of The Loon... 03:30
02.-Alone In My Dreamylands 11:08
03.-A Candle for My Withering Soul 11:37
04.-Aposent 09:41
05.-Tears Into Darkness 07:28
06.-Spiritium Hochmael Azot 07:27
07.-Streams Of Sorrow... 03:38

Total Playing Time 54:29

Funeral Doom Metal!

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Funeral Winds-Resurrection... [Netherlands]

Funeral Winds-Resurrection...
Demo, Pagan RecordsApril 22nd, 1994
Track 1-3 were recorded and mixed at Via Ritmo Studios in Rotterdam 11-9-93.
Track 4-5 were recorded live at Baroeg, Rotterdam 28-8-93.
Artwork by Lilith Xul.
Track List:
01.-Demon Overture [Intro] 01:1
02.-Dawn Of The Apocalypse 01:47
03.-Resurrection Of The Five Winds 06:5604.-Steps Of Ritual 04:50
05.-Thy Eternal Flame 05:36
Total Playing Time: 20:17
Black Metal!

Mystic Circle-Von Kriegern Und Helden [Germany]

Mystic Circle-Von Kriegern Und Helden
Demo, Indie
April 1st, 1995

Track List:

01.-Medina-Whore Of Satan 07:03
02.-Von Kriegern Und Helden 03:24
03.-Father Of Locusts 04:23
04.-Walpurgisnight 04:21

Total Playing Time 19:11

Melodic Black Metal !

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Necromantia-From the Past We Summon Thee [Greece]

Necromantia-From the Past We Summon Thee
Performed live and recorded at Sin Ena Studio in 9 December night in 1989.
All music by Necromantia.All lyrics by Necromantia except La Mort written by Emile Verhaeren.
Released on 7” [Embroidered red / silver / black cover] in 1994. Dark Side Records. (DSR 002)
Released on 7”[Black / white cover] in 1994 Dark Side Records. [DSR002]
Released on MCD (White / black cover) in 1995 Wild Rags Records. [WRR-059]

Track List:

01.-Faceless Gods 03:46
02.-Lycanthropia [Lycaon´s Metamorphosis] 01:40
03.-La Mort 04:11

Total Playing Time: 09:37

Black Metal!

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Rotting Christ-Ade's Winds [Greece]

Rotting Christ-Ade's Winds
Demo, self released

Track List:

01.-Fgement, Thy Gift 04:39
02.-The Fourth Knight of Revelation, Part I 04:35
03.-The Fourth Knight of Revelation, Part II 02:17

Total Playing Time 11:31

Black Metal!

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Mystic Circle-Dark Passion [Germany]

Mystic Circle-Dark Passion
Demo, IndieJanuary 17th, 1994

Track List:

01.-Deep Passion / Dark Passion 06:16
02.-Satan´s Son 04:36
03.-Eternal Winter 04:28
04.-Sign´s 04:26

Total Playing Time:19:36

Melodic Black Metal!

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Bloodhammer-The Passion Of The Devil [Finland]

Bloodhammer-The Passion Of The Devil
EP, Hammer of Hate/ BoPOctober 2005

Vinyl version of the EP will be made later

Track List:

01.-Passion Of The Devil 03:52
02.-Nuclear Holocaust 05:04
03.-Shadows Unseen 05:06
04.-Night Of The Ultimate 02:57
05.-Feast Of The Black Nuns 03:57

Total Playing Time:20:58

Black Metal!

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Black Howling-Flagellation Reigns Eternity [Portugal]

Black Howling-Flagellation Reigns Eternity
February 2003
Hell War Productions

Limited to 113 handnumbered copies

Track List:

01.-Skies Destruction 06:37
02.-Flagellation Reigns Eternity 07:41
03.-Forgetfulness Of The Christian God 04:48
04.-Outro 06:53
05.-Caminho Dolente [Bonus] 05:12

Total Playing Time 31:11

Black Metal!

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Luxúria De Lillith-O Início Da Tentação [Brazil]

Luxúria De Lillith-O Início Da Tentação
Demo, Self Released

Remastered and released in 2004, with a new intro to "Desejos Infames".

Track List:

01.- O Inicio Da Tentação 05:04
02.- Luxúria De Lillith 04:02
03.- Desejos Infames03:08
04.- A Última Tentação De Cristo 05:28
05.- O Sarau Dos Vampiros 04:22

Total Playing Time: 22:04

Black Metal!

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Nameless-Across The Threshold [Colombia]

Nameless-Across The Threshold
Track List:

01.-The Anguish 06:30
02.-The Sadness And The Wrath 06:45
03.-The Fable 01:55
04.-The Remembrance 08:45
05.-The Lost Forgotten Epinishion 01:15

Total Playing Time:25:10

Black Metal!

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Northern Forest-Funeral Forest [Brazil]

Northern Forest-Funeral Forest
Track List:

01.-The Silence Of Anciant Tree 04:30
02.-Walking In The Obscure Forest 05:06

Total Playing Time: 09:36

Ambient Metal!

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Cold Hate-The Word And The Silence [Hungary]

Cold Hate-The Word And The Silence
Demo, Self Released

Only One Track:

01.-The Word And The Silence

Total Playing Time: 02:58

Black /Ambient Metal!

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Saman & Moon Lighting Hell-Split 2007 [N.L.-Mexico]

Saman & Moon Lighting Hell-Howls and Yells Of Inferno
Split, Infernal Shine Prods2007

Track List:

01.-Aet Nat Lufere 05:35
02.-Sacrifice 05:19
03.-Malevolence 04:35

Moon Lighting Hell
04.-Werewolf Fear 05:30
05.-Aullido [Howl] 06:34
Total Playing Time 27:33
Black metal!

Download Here:

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