Sunday, July 28, 2013

Abismo De Lucifer- Invocações-Part 1 [ Brazil ]

Invocações [Part 1]

Location: Santa Barbara D´Oeste,Sao Paulo
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: February 2006
Label: Medieval Mark

Track List:

01.-Intro 02:08 [Instrumental]
02.-Honra Ao Profano 03:27
03.-Batismo Satanico 05:20
04.-Outro 00:40 [Instrumental]

Total Playing Time 11:35

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dantalian- Promo 2006 [Colombia]

Promo 2006

Location: Bogota
Status: Active
Genre: Raw Black Metal

Type: Promo
Release Date: 2006
Label: Independent / Self-released

Track List:

01.-Dark Empress [Chant To Ereshkigal]

Total Playing Time 06:03

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Macabre Operetta -Ensayo 95 [Mexico]

Ensayo 95

Location: S.L.P.
Genre: Raw Black Metal

Type: Demo / Rehearsal
Release Date: 1995
Label: Independent / Self-released

Track List:

01.-The Last Dance 03:00
02.-My Dream Inside In The Dark 05:30
03.-Nocturnal Rain 03:14
04.-Pagan Cult 02:30
05.-The Gate Of Nanna [Beherith Cover]

Total Playing Time 17:01

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mexico Underground-Black Metal 6 6 6 [Mexico]

Black Metal  6 6 6 

Location: Some Cities from Mexico Hell
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Type: Compilation CD
Release Date: 2013
Label: Independent / Self-released

Track List:

01.-Life, Depression & Death- Sacrimoon 10:04
02.-Mighty Death... The Only Answer- Seventh Blasphemy 05:53
03.-Te Entrego Mi Alma Señor Lucifer- Sargathanas 04:06
04.-I Walk Towards Hell- Ocularis Infernum 04:34
05.-Ceremonia Maldita- Night Ritual 03:32
06.-Eternal Silence-Fra Helvete 04:17
07.-Inspirado Por El Demonio- Black Souls Death 06:27
08.-Mi Sangre Para Tu Gloria- Ave Satanael 06:49
09.-Total Caos- Dominus Sathanas 05:54
10.-Obsesion – Maniac Depressive 10:30
11.-Cruz Maldita- Night Ritual 05:38

Total Playing Time 01:07:50

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Monday, July 15, 2013

The True Endless-Legacy Of Hate [Italy]

Legacy Of Hate 

The band was created in the winter of 1997 by M and Soulfucker. Their goal was to create violent and trendkiller music. After a couple of rehearsal tapes and some shows The True Endless recorded their first studio work in 1999 called "The Trendkiller E.P."

Some lyrics have been written in english, italian and novaras dialect of the piedmontese language [piemonteis] in order to give the sound a most ancestral feeling.

The Band participated in the sampler "The Legion Of Tchort Compilation # 5" by The Legion Of Tchort Webzine playing the song "My knife is so nice and sharp".

Location: Novora, Piedmont
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Release Date: May 16th, 2013
Label: Aphelion Prods

Track List:

01.-As our Ancestor 03:37
02.-Legacy Of Hate 07:14

Total Playing Time 10:01

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Culte D Ébola- Apotres Du Vide [Canada]

Apostres Du Vide
Location: Quebec
Status: Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Lyrical Themes: Pagan, Death, Misanthropy, War, Nationalism

Type: EP
Release Date: December 8th, 2007
Label: Les Productions Hérétiques

Track List:

01.-Introduction 00:30
02.-L'oracle Du Serpent 04:15
03.-Apôtres Du Vide 04:39
04.-Le rituel D' Éternité 03:44
05.-Le Breuvage Des Anciens 05:40

Total Playing Time 18:48

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Aisuragua-Undiscovered Frontiers [Spain]

Undiscovered Frontiers

Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands
Status: Active
Genre: Depressive Ambient Black Metal

Type: Full-length
Release Date: 2013
Label: Depressive Illusions Records

Aisuragua means "The place where the people have frozen".

Track List:

01.-Intro-Armstrong 02:39 [Instrumental]
02.-The Gates Of Individual Enlightenment 05:38
03.-A Pilgrim In Capricorn 06:09
04.-Gliese 581 G 07:02 [Instrumental]
05.-A Crawling Worm In A World Of Lies [Thy Light Cover] 06:35 
06.-Chains Of Black Ice 10:22 
07.-Outro-End Of The Journey 06:19 [Instrumental]

Total Playing Time 44:44

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Armaroth-False Vision [Slovenia]

False Vision

Location: Kranj
Status: Active
Genre: Death Metal

Type: EP
Release Date: June 6th, 2013
Label:Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-False Vision 01:14
02.-Modern Man 05:24
03.-High 03:38
04.-Labyrinth Of Greed 04:12
05.-Cell That We Bleed In 04:56

Total Playing Time 19:24
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nocturne-Nahash [Austria]


The Story Of Nocturne Began in the year 2006 when Essark [Vocals] started to write down first melodies that evolved over the years to a unique style of sinister art.

In 2012 Essark joined forces with Tenebris [Drums]. After gathering material for more than 20 tracks, they decided to release a demo entitled Nahash on which Stefan Traunmueller [Golden Dawn] handled session guitars and session bass.

Four Black Hymns dedicated to the left hand path that cover lyrically the dark side and knowledge of the Egyptian, hindu, judeo-christian and Mesopotamian legacy are featured. Creating a majestic black atmosphere.

Nahash offers a variety from blast beats to heavy double-bass attacks, thundering guitar riffs and epic melodies as well as screams, growls and clean vocals right out of the abysmal depths. This sonic offering to the dark gods will leave its impact on the occult black metal scene for sure.

Nahash was recorded in winter 2012 / 2013 at Soundtemple studio, arranged and mixed by Stefan Traunmueller.

CD cover artwork concept by Essark, created by Nestor Avalos.

This demo is limited to 100 copies [CD] respectively 40 copies [tape], available for EUR-5.- P.P. Europe, EUR 7,.- Elsewhere.

Payment In Advance / Registered Letter To:
P.O. Box 73
9010 Klangenfurt / ws

Location: Klagenfurt, Carinthia
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Release Date: March 31st 2013
Lyrical Themes: Occultism
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Pert Em Kerh 05:31
02.-Shapeless 06:49
03.-Nahash 06:11
04.-Age Of Tam-Tu 03:47

Total Playing Time 22:18

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Ahriman-Immortalitate Nigra [Colombia]

Immortalitate Nigra
Location: Bogota
Status: Active
Genre: Raw Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: 2011
Label: Independent

Track List:
01.-Lujuria Nokturna [Abrahel] 02:15
02.-Lobos II [Guardianes Del Trono De Satán] 03:16
03.-Emperadores Del Metal Negro 03:55
04.-Immortalitate Nigra 04:40
05.-Holocausto Suicida [Bonus Track] 03:17
06.-El Arribo De La Inquisición Impía [Bonus Track] 04:36

Total Playing Time 21:59

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Beast In Misery-Repugnant Christian Faith [Mexico]

Repugnant Christian Faith

Location: Piedras Negras, Coah
Status: Split-Up
Genre: Raw Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: 2007
Label: Independent / Self-released

Track List:

01.-Angels Wings Burning By The Flame Of Lucifer 04:18
02.-Vestal 05:52
03.-Fuck My Ass, My Name Is Jesus Christ 04:52
04.-Repugnant Christian Faith 03:04
05.-The Magister Dixit 04:35
06.-Once Upon A Time A Angel Fallen Call Bel 04:07

Total Playing Time 26:48

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Seelenmord-...And We Will Find Only Solitude Part I [Argentina]

...And We Will Find Only Solitude Part I

Location: Buenos Aires
Status: Active
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Type: EP
Release Date: 2011
Label: Helvete Recs

Track List:
01.-The World Cries In Rain 06:44
02.-Hunters 04:17
03.-At The Edge Of The Abyss 07:06
04.-Beneath The Rubble 04:52
05.-Nothing 04:21

Total Playing Time: 27:20

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seed Of Evil-Pagan Prophecies [ Mexico ]


Pagan Prophecies
Location: Monterrey, N.L.
Status: Active
Genre: Death / Black Metal
Type: Demo
Release Date: 2010
Label: Self-released / Independent
Track List:
01.-Ritus 01:15
02.-Day Of Dead 03:28
03.-Black Command 03:23
04.-War And Torture 03:30
05.-Pagan Prophecies 02:35
Total Playing Time 14:11
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Offensor-Manifiesto Heretico [Peru]

From the ashes of Illapa and Repugnancia was formed Offensor, music classified as extreme and cultured. His style is a symbiosis between the extreme metal such as death metal and black metal genres. 

The Band is promoting your tracks on the web with the intention of expanding the cosmic sound of metal, sharing so the experiential and cultural experience of the members. 

The pagan music which reappraises the native and classical cultures as sources of wisdom, own sex and intellect. 

Dissident Of Grace: imperatives on the rejection of occidental religious faith, causing fears and blood throughout history. 

Blackened Death Metal: Anthem of metal, from the mystical and Epicurean experience 

Seduced By The Incest:  Revaluation of the instinctive in man, disowned and repressed by the occidental culture. Psychological narrative of the attracted by its own animal nature.

Infamous Craving: statement about lust and amoral pleasure of the Dionysian man, free of all social hypocrisy. 

The Manifesto Heretico EP, is being distributed by Pentagram Recs at the end of this year. On Tape, as material collection  and on CD as a mass medium of use.
Manifiesto Heretico
Location: Lima
Genre:Black / Death Metal
Type: Advance
Release Date: 2011
Label: Pentagram Recs
Track List:
01.-Disidente De La Gracia 02:43
02.-Ennegrecido Metal Muerto 03:04
03.-Seducido Por El Incesto 02:34
04.-Ansia Infame 03:34
05.-La Caída Del Engaño [Rehearsal / bonus track] 04:27
Total Playing Time 16:22
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