Sunday, May 23, 2010

Agonia-Llanto Desde La Tumba [Puerto Rico]

Llanto Desde La Tumba
Demo Self-Released

Count Witchfinder-All instruments and vokals
Influences: Burzum, Lugubrum, Darkthrone, Blood Red Fog, Isengard, Wigrid, Aaskereia... etc

Agonía was created by CW69 in the summer of 2007, during the first unfinished demo recording "Llanto Desde La Tumba", the band was split up. The band was originally Black Metal with Folk influences. The one man band was reformed as Black Metal / Depressive / Ambient, at the end of the 2008, releasing the first 4 tracks demo. At the begining of 2009 Agonía released the second demo "Maldición Eterna" that was recorded in 2008 at the same time of the first one. Now the agony is getting near to death... This is normal, after agony is death.

Track List:

01.-Viaje A La Nada [Intro] 01:34
02.-Un Paso A La Muerte 06:09
03.-Oscura Realidad 04:21
04.-Quema De Cristianos 03:29
05.-Llanto Desde La Tumba 04:33
06.-Tallando En El Vacío [Outro] 01:33

Total Playing Time 21:39

Depressive Black Metal!

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