Sunday, August 29, 2010

Witchcraft- ...On The Path Of Fogs [Hungary]

...On The Path Of Fogs

Demo, Stygian Shadows


Track List:

01.-On The Land Of The Shadows 02:45

02.-The Darkness Is Bursting Out 03:43

03.-When The Night Descends 02:19

04.-The Great Spirits Of Pagans 03:42

Total Playing Time 12:30

Black Metal!

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Asmodee-Aequilanx [France]


Demo, Drakkar Productions

June 1997

Released in 1997 by Drakkar Productions-Tape limited to 400 copies Re-released in 2002 on 10" by End All Life Productions, limited to 333 copies.

Track List:

01.-Great Final Justice 06:00

02.-Black Revelation 03:32

03.-Lunatic Curse 04:19

04.-Caïn's Black Spells 04:44

Total Playing Time 18:35

Black Metal!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zarathustra-Nihilistic Terror [Germany]

Nihilistic Terror

EP, Satan
Limited to 500 handnumbered copies

Track List:

01.-Intro / Existence Of Evil 05:27
02.-Lucifer´s Domain 04:57

Total Playing Time 10:24

Black Metal!

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Absent-Audi... Vide... Sile...[Poland]


EP, Unknown July 12th, 2005

Track List:

01.-Sick Authority 03:34

02.-Insane For Power 03:40

03.-The Abyss 04:34

Total Playing Time 11:48

Death Metal!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Luzen-Los Seis Caminos Del Dolor [Mexico]

Los Seis Caminos Del Dolor

Demo Independent 2010

Track List:

01.-Yo Nací Siendo Un Monstruo

02.-Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo [Javier Navarrete]

03.-Porqué Yo

04.-Danza De Hielo [Danny Elfman]

05.-Penas De Un Triste Y Roto Corazón

06.-Triste Domingo [R. Seress - A. Magaldi]

07 Tristeza y Dolor [Toshiro Masuda]


09.-El funeral Del Hokage [Toshiro Masuda]

10.-Más Sombra Que Hombre

11.-Sinfonía No.1- AntiCristo

Ambient Black Metal!

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Khaos Order-Promo 2010 [Mexico]


Promo Independent 2010

Track List:



03.-Satan's Storm

04.-Khaos Order

Raw Black Metal!

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