Sunday, December 15, 2013

Astarte-Promo 2013 [Greece]

 Promo 2013

Location: Athens / Elefsina, Attica
Status: Active
Genre: Blackened Melodic Death Metal

Type: Promo
Release Date: 2013

Track List:

01.-Quod Superius Sicut Inferius 06:14
02.-Mutter 04:43
03.-Whispers Of Chaos 00:33
04.-Black At Heart 04:47

Total Playing Time 15:34

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Impaler Of Pest-Promo 2013 [Colombia]

  Promo 2013
Location: Bogotá
Status: Active
Genre: Depraved War Fucking Goat Metal

Type: Promo CD
Release Date: February 2013

Track List:
01.-Sexual Black Worship 04:04
02.-Dentro Del Pentagrama 04:06

Total Playing Time 08:10

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The Blasphemous Sinner Of Damnation Impurity CD

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pololtia Micpetlacalli-Discography [Peru]

Pololtia Micpetlacalli is the Alexander Malven's first project with which one wanted to initiate in the raw black metal, the noise and the ambient. Pololtia Micpetlacalli is in writing in dialect náhuatl and means " forgotten coffin".

In a beginning the idea was conceived as any black allusive project to the death and other topics of darkness, nevertheless, ultimately one chose to touch pre-hispanic subject matters without leaving of side the dark topics wished in a beginning.

This way  there go out the first two demos, very difficult to digest and with much more noise that black metal (though the second one with certain native elements). Little by little in other Pololtia Micpetlacalli's works an evolution is perceived increasing the dose of black metal and leaving the noise/ambient as a balanced complement of the same one.

This line ended up by being still Pololtia Micpetlacalli up to his death because of the sensation that it me was including several topics. In a beginning the topics were speaking about the ancient pre-hispanic gods, paganism, death, madness, nature. But then it was included more touching the antichristianity, the misanthropy and the hatred in general, even a small allusion to the theory of the ancient immigrations previous to Colon. For such a motive end was given to Pololtia Micpetlacalli but of this one they would bloom new projects with more specific.

Pololtia Micpetlacalli´s Discography:

Chichiquitzatziliztli [November 23, 2011]

Yeztlichichihualatatl [January 22, 2012]

Pololtia Micpetlacalli [February 26, 2012]

Arraigo Anticristiano [June 28, 2012]

Matando Occidentales [July 25, 2012]

Ancient Cult Of Blasphemy [September 17, 2012]

Noisy Pagan Disorder [October 2, 2012]

Pololtia Micpetlacalli es el primer proyecto de Alexander Malven con el cual quiso iniciarse en el raw black metal, el noise y el ambient. Pololtia Micpetlacalli está en escrito en dialecto náhuatl y significa “ataúd olvidado”.

En un inicio la idea se concibió como cualquier proyecto negro alusivo a la muerte y demás temas de oscuridad, no obstante, al final se optó por tocar temáticas prehispánicas sin dejar de lado los temas oscuros deseados en un comienzo.

Así salen los dos primeros demos, muy difíciles de digerir y con mucho más noise que black metal (aunque el segundo con ciertos elementos nativos). Poco a poco en los demás trabajos de Pololtia Micpetlacalli. se percibe una evolución aumentando la dosis de black metal y dejando el noise / ambient como un complemento balanceado del mismo.

Esa línea terminó siguiendo Pololtia Micpetlacalli hasta su muerte a causa de la sensación de que me estaba abarcando varios temas. En un inicio los temas hablaban de los dioses antiguos prehispánicos, paganismo, muerte, locura, naturaleza. Pero luego se abarcó más tocando el anticristianismo, la misantropía y el odio en general, incluso una pequeña alusión a la teoría de las inmigraciones antiguas anteriores a Colón. Por tal motivo se dio final a Pololtia Micpetlacalli pero de este florecerían nuevos proyectos con temáticas más específicas.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Necros Christos-Grave Damnation [Germany]

Grave Damantion

Location: Berlin
Status: Active
Genre: Black Death Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: September 9th 2004
Label: Iron Fist Kommando

Track List:

01.-Ritual Doom Commands [Temple I] 00:29
02.-Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath 03:34
03.-Spawn Of Necromancy [Temple II] 00:23
04.-Red Wine Runs Out Of The White Skull Of Jesus 04:08
05.-Graves Open [Temple III] 00:26
06.-Grave Damnation 03:30
07.-Magdalene [Temple IV] 00:35
08.-Acid Orgy [Goatlord Cover] 04:39

Total Playing Time 17:44

Download Here:

Necros Christos-Necromantic Doom [Germany]

Necromantic Doom

Location: Berlin
Status: Active 
Genre: Black Death Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: October 2002
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.- Crucifixion Whispers [Temple I] 00:29
02.-Tormented Flesh On The Mount Of Crucifixion 03:43
03.-Prayer On The Mount Of Olives [Temple II] 00:54
04.-Swearing Eternal Allegiance 01:54
05.-Nailed On Command [Temple III]
06.-Last Rite Of Christ 03:24
07.-The Son Of Man Goeth Into Galilee [Temple IV] 00:48
08.-Grave Damnation 03]:39 
09.-The Burning Chamber Of God [Temple V] 00:42
10.-Triumphant Execution 03:18

Total Playing Time 19:21

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Aghast-Knell Of Hope [Romania]

 Knell Of Hope

Location: Baia Mare
Status: Changed Name
Genre: Doom Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: 2007
Label: Self-released

Track List:
01.-Knell Of Hope 04:23
02.-Dishearten 09:37
03.-Eira 04:13

Total Playing Time 18:13

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Abazagorath-Tenebrarum Cademt Exsurgemus [USA]

Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus

Location: Wayne, New Jersey
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Full-length
Release Date: March 1997
Label: Elegy Recs

Track List:

01.-Calling The Spirits Of The Dead [Intro] 02:24
02.-For All Eternity 04:41
03.-The Chaos That Crawls Beyond The Stars 05:58
04.-Bestial Moans 03:26
05.-The Wolves Of Armageddon 01:26
06.-Ghosts Of The Moonlight Mist 03:14
07.-The October Storms 01:16
08.-Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus 02:12
09.-Les Fleurs Du Mal 05:52
10.-Rites Of The Black Herald 04:23
11.-Night Of The Cloven Hoof [Prologue]  02:29
12.-The Gates To The Spirit Kingdom 04:52
13.-Void Of Satanic Drakness [Outro] 03:40

Total Playing Time 45:53

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13 Candles-Pilgrimage To The Gates Of Sin [Netherlands]

Pilgrimage To The Gate Of Sin

Location: Leiden, South Holland
Status: Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: April 1993
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Through Crimson Mist 11:25
02.-Pilgrimage To The Gates Of Sin 03:59
03.-Elizabeth 04:07
04.-Invincible 02:39
05.-Seven Deadly Sins 02:21
06.-Burning The Mirror 06:51
07.-Dirge For A Witch 02:24
08.-Long Ago In The Darker Ages 01:01
09.-Echoes Of Darkness And Evil 08:16
10.-Untitled 03:10

Total Playing Time 46:13

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Lüger- Killer, Worship, Die [France]

Kill, Worship, Die

Location: Soudron, Champagne-Ardenne
Status: Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Full-Length
Release Date:2005
Label Regimental Recs

Track List:

01.-Intro: Dawn Of Apocalypze 00:53
02.-God Is Dead And I Shit On His Tomb 02:09
03.-Espermo Malefico 02:40
04.-Ungeziefer 02:48
05.-HellKunt 03:17
06.-Total War-Winter War [Impaled Nazarene Cover] 02:38
07.-Endlosung Planen 03:46
08.-Lügersnacht 04:17
09.-Piss On Luv-War & Sodomy 04:46

Total Playing Time 27:14

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Antechristus-Waste The Flesh As Reluctance Grows [France]

Waste The Flesh As Reluctance Grows

Location: Cesson-Sévigné, Brittany
Status: Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: 2003
Label: D.U.K.E.

Track List:

01.-Waste The Flesh As Reluctance Grows 03:35
02.-Submissive Whore 03:20
03.-Rigor Mostis 03:43
04.-Total Emptiness 02:55
05.-Von [Von Cover] 02:30

Total Playing Time 16:03

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LatroDectus-Altered Flesh [France]

 Altered Flesh

Location: Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes
Status- Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Full-length
Release Date: 2003
Label: Adipocere Recs

Track List:

01.-Maelström 05:15
02.-Naked Realm 03:32
03.-Altered Flesh 05:41
04.-The Being´s Damantion 05:27
05.-Alone [Instrumental] 03:25
06.-Totentanz 04:38
07.-Suffering´s Theatre 06:03
08.-Consumed By The Extrinsic Substance 03:14
09.-Irreverent Corpses 07:04

Total Playing Time 44:19

Download Here:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Khristenn Corpse-Grotesque [Venezuela]


Location: Ciudad Ojeda, Maracaibo
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Full-length
Release Date: 2011
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Erotic Transmigrations 01:39
02.-Impure Sex Devotion 04:19
03.-Dawn For The Unglory 01:15
04.-Eroticult Goreholocaust 06:14
05.-A Pornsence Origins 03:04
06.-The Merrick Postlude 06:31
07.-Ages Of Laethoras 05:32
08.-Nacht Labyrinth 03:50
09.-The Apostle Of Sacred Death 03:46
10.-Deep Heaven Extinction 04:19

Total Playing Time 40:29

Download Here:

Thnxx Lhysta For This Fucking Releases...See You On The Darkest Road Bro!!! 
\\,,// T.T.L.B. \\,,//

Khristenn Corpse-Bloodmiracle [Venezuela]


Location: Ciudad Ojeda, Maracaibo
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: December 2010
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Liturgy For The Depraved Born 01:33
02.-The Merrik Postlude 06:33
03.-Deep Heaven Extinction 04:21
04.-Countess Ov Blood [Live & Rare Version] 03:31
05.-Bleedings Lands, Frozen Woods [Live Inedit Track] 04:36

Total Playing Time 20:37

Download Here:

Suicidal Years-Cries Of Despair And Suicide [Mexico]

...Cries Of Despair And Suicide

Location: Irapuato
Status: Active
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Type: EP
Release Date: June 8th 2012
Label: Depressive Illusions Recs

Track List:

01.-Intro 02:45
02.-Winter Gaze 09:50
03.-Outro 04:23
04.-Don´t Go [Happy Days Cover] 06:28

Total Playing Time 23:26

Download Here:



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