Friday, December 30, 2011

Khaos Order-Advance 2011 [Mexico]


La Bruja Recs 2011

Track List

01.-Praise Black Master
02.-Nemesis Perpetual

Total Playing Time 15:19

Black Metal!

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Thnxx Eryck Dyablo & Khaos Order

See You On The Road...Praise Black Master Sex6 Sex6 Sex6...

Black Metal It´s Not A Trend, It´s A Real Cult!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fedra-Tombstone My Name [Colombia]

Tombstone My Name

Colombian Female Black Metal

Single Promo Advance 2011

Track Taken From The Full-lenght “The Quen Of Darkness” 2011

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The Metal Is Not For Christians...

El Metal No Es Para Cristianos…

Bestial Hordes-Nuclear Metal Lust [Malaysia]

Nuclear Metal Lust

March 2011
Evil Dead Production

Track List:

01.-Streeet Metal Fucker 02:12
02.-Metal, Sex, Alcohol 02:34
03.-Nuclear Metal Lust 03:30
04.-Revenge Of Hate 03:34
05.-Die In Fire [Bathory Cover] 03:13

Total Playing Time 15:33

Black Thrash Metal!

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