Friday, December 30, 2011

Khaos Order-Advance 2011 [Mexico]


La Bruja Recs 2011

Track List

01.-Praise Black Master
02.-Nemesis Perpetual

Total Playing Time 15:19

Black Metal!

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Thnxx Eryck Dyablo & Khaos Order

See You On The Road...Praise Black Master Sex6 Sex6 Sex6...

Black Metal It´s Not A Trend, It´s A Real Cult!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fedra-Tombstone My Name [Colombia]

Tombstone My Name

Colombian Female Black Metal

Single Promo Advance 2011

Track Taken From The Full-lenght “The Quen Of Darkness” 2011

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If You Like This CD Buy The Original, For More Info Write To:

The Metal Is Not For Christians...

El Metal No Es Para Cristianos…

Bestial Hordes-Nuclear Metal Lust [Malaysia]

Nuclear Metal Lust

March 2011
Evil Dead Production

Track List:

01.-Streeet Metal Fucker 02:12
02.-Metal, Sex, Alcohol 02:34
03.-Nuclear Metal Lust 03:30
04.-Revenge Of Hate 03:34
05.-Die In Fire [Bathory Cover] 03:13

Total Playing Time 15:33

Black Thrash Metal!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inchiuvatu-Addisiu [Italy]


Elegy Records

Track List:

01.-Veni 01:21
02.-Inchiuvatu 03:16
03.-Cu Sangu A L'occhi 02:40
04.-Ave Matri 06:17
05.-Addisiu 06:46
06.-Castiu Di Diu 06:11
07.-Lu Jocu Di Li Spiddi 04:30
08.-Nenia 03:14
09.-Unia 02:19
10.-Cristu Crastu 04:13
11.-Quiete Morente 01:39
12.-Lu Jaddinu Di Lu Piaciri 05:05
13.-Luciferu Re 04:28

Total Playing Time 51:59

Symphonic Black Metal!

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Mystifier-Tormenting The Holy Trinity [Brazil]

Tormenting The Holy Trinity

Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-The Witness [Intro] 01:10
02.-Mystifier 04:25
03.-Possession 03:33
04.-Christian Proscription 05:54
05.-Cursed Excruciation 03:09
06.-Fierceness 00:28
07.-Massacre [Bathory Cover] 02:39
08.-The Six Celestial Desires Of The Virgin 03:57
09.-The Almighty Satanas 03:01
10.-Satan's Aberrations 03:19

Total Playing Time 31:35

Black Metal!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Labei Ritual-Dreadful Prophecies [Mexico]

Dreadful Prophecies

Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Merciless Warriors 04:56
02.-Cosmic Serpent 03:14
03.-Infernal Choruses 03:44
04.-Storm In The Darkness 04:40
05.-Human Blood Lust 02:27
06.-A Presage Admist The Woods 01:52

Total Playing Time 20:26

Thrash Death Metal!

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Female Thrash Death Metal Band Some Members Also Live In Monterrey & San Antonio, Texas.

Status: Stand-By

Labei Ritual Appeared On The "A Tribute To Hell-Satanic Rites" Compilation CD, Released By Full Moon Productions In 1998, With The Track "Storm In The Darkness".

For more info write to:

Thnxx...Hasse & Labei Ritual For This Ep... \m/

Sirion-Live In Torment Hell [Boliva]

Live In Torment Hell

Demo 2011
Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Imperium Tenebraum 04:28
02.-Cult To The Beast 01:39
03.-Rebellion Of Abadon [Outro] 01:31

Total Playing Time 07:38

Black Metal!

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Thnxx Bro...Opus Nocturne See You On The Road \m/

Invoke-Satanic & Bloody [Mexico]

Satanic & Bloody
June 6th, 2008
Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-The Shadow Of The Ancient Hate 03:24
02.-Satan's Warrior 03:44
03.-The Rise Of The Malignant 05:17
04.-Satanic And Bloody 03:50

Total Playing Time 16:15

Black Metal!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sadomasochrist-Sadomasochrist [Mexico]

January 2009
Horizonte Records

Track List:

01.-In The Name Of Mercy 06:51
02.-Babilony 03:49
03.-Eternal Death 04:05
04.-Sodomized 05:36
05.-Sadomasochrist 05:14
06.-War Symphony 03:40
07.-Mirror Of Souls 04:33
08.-The Dark Legion Of Satanas 05:18

Total Playing Time 39:06

Black Metal!

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Lux Funestus-En El Dominio De La Muerte [Mexico]

En El Dominio De La Muerte

Lux Funestus plays atmospheric black metal inspired by depression, feelings, storms, thoughts and other decadent ideals. They have a demo titled "En El Dominio De La Muerte" with a raw and atmospheric sound was recorded at the end of 2010 with Lucas Alexander in all instruments.

Currently alternate lineup:

Lucas Alexander-Guitar, Piano And Vocals
Grave: Bass

They are currently working on what will be their second demo which take title tentatively as: "“Fragmentos Y Silencios De Un Momento” " and this will include 4 tracks and the main idea is released in Cassette format would be independently. Will have new line-up then was joined the band a new drummer: Tòrden who replaced Nokturnal.

If you are interested in your first demo write to:

Lux Funestus-En El Dominio De La Muerte

Demo 2011


Track List:

01.-Dances From Solitude And Fog
02.-Cronología De La Muerte
04.-Frozen Tears By Winter

Total Playing Time 26:15

Atmospheric Black Metal!

Download Here:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rotting Christ-Live In Mexico City [Greece]

Non Serviam Tour Live In Mexico City

Farewel To The Christ Records

Track List:

01.-Transform Suffering Into Plague
02.-Mortality Of A Dark Age
03.-Feast Of The Grand Whore
04.-Thy Gift
05.-Fifth Illusion
06.-Exile Archangels
07.-Non Serviam
08.-Sign Of Evil Existance
09.-Fgmenth Thy Gift [Bonus]
10.-The Fourth Knight Of Revelation I [Bonus]
11.-The Fourth Knight Of Revelation II [Bonus]

Total Playing Time: 46:16

Black Metal!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chambre Noir-Sodomize The Dead [For Satan]-[France]

Sodomize The Dead [For Satan]
Near Dark

Track List:

01.-Sodomize The Dead [For Satan] 03:25
02.-Chambre Noir 03:09
03.-Under Devilwings 02:43
04.-Dawn Eternal 05:39
05.-Black 02:29

Total Playing Time 17:25

Black Metal!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bohemian Grove-Bohemian Grove [Greece]

Bohemian Grove


Track List:

01.-Star Wimpled Dome 07:44
02.-The Three Ravens 04:30
03.-I Spoke To The Oak 05:29
04.-The Battering Ram Of Satan 03:38
05.-When The North Winds Blow Fair 11:21

Total Playing Time 32:42

Black Metal!

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Bohemian Grove-Age Of Retrogression [Greece]

Age Of Retrogression
June 30th, 2008

Track List:

01.-Wretched Men 07:01
02.-Praise The Goat 08:33
03.-Upon A Human Grave 08:45
04.-Age Of Retrogression 04:46
05.-Drowning In The Roar Of A Sinking World 12:10

Total Playing Time 41:15

Black Metal!

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Equimanthorn-Under The Seasons [Switzerland]

Under The Seasons

Self-Released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Under The Season 05:15
02.-Power Of Blood 03:29
03.-Frontline Of Fear 03:57

Total Playing Time 12:41

Black / Death Metal!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Satanael-Promo 2004 [Mexico]

Promo 2004

Sataneal nace a principios de 2003 en un frío invierno entre los grandes ejércitos infernales con sus miembros fundadores Lord Inferus 666 [Vokills], Satyr-Mando [Drums] Maniac Iscariot [Guitar] poco después ingresa a esta horda infernal Juan Baphomet [Bass].

Después de 2 años Satyr deja la bateria y esta es tomada por Belial Figore su estancia en la escena Black metal le dio gran poder a la banda, después por cuestiones de salud física y mental casi sale la espina dorsal de la banda Maniac Iscariot en el año 2006 casi un año de ausencia debido a un trastorno neurotico ansioso depresivo, asistía poco a los ensayos pero con el gran apoyo de la banda salio adelante.

Por cuestiones personales sale de la banda el sumo sacerdote de la blasfemia Lord Inferus 666 integrandose pronto Alfonso Asmodeo [Vociferaciones] unos cuantas tocadas mas y Satanael decide desintegrarse esto fue después de 3 años aproximadamente.

A medidados de 2009 Maniac Iscariot entabla una conversación con Lord Inferus 666 y Belial Figore y deciden despertar de nueva cuenta la blasfemia, posteriormente se une a la alineación Alex Funestus [Bass] su estancia en la banda fue muy corta pero importante al poco tiempo se integra un gran visitante abismal Joss Pervertor [Bass & Vocals]

Satanael cuenta en su haber con un “Promo 2004” que nunca salio de la obscuridad, este contiene 3 tracks de Raw Black Metal 2 Tracks Originales y un cover de Satanic Warmaster

Promo 2004

Track List:

01.-Vomitando Tu Cruz 03:57
02.-Blasfemo Tu Nombre 05:09
03.-Carelian Satanist Madness [Satanic Warmaster Cover] 07:46

Total Playing Time 16:52

Raw Black Metal!

Download Here:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unpure-Coldland [Sweden]


October 1996

Napalm Records

Track List:

01.-Blacker Than Ever 04:09

02.-Coldland 02:44

03.-Full Of Hate 04:18

04.-Cold Freezing Dark 02:17

05.-Call Of Doom (Part II) 01:42

06.-Horny Goats 02:15

07.-Count Dracula 02:49

08.-Frozen 02:39

09.-All Dead 04:06

10.-Valley Of Whirling Winds 06:33

Total Playing Time 33:32

Black Metal!

Download Here:

Veinen-Summon Your God [Greece]

Summon Your God

Demo April 2010

Self-Released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Nihil Spikes 03:20

02.-Seen Through Swallowed Faith 03:40

03.-Distant Realms On The Final Eulogy 06:43

04.-Bleeding Gospel 05:24

05.-Triumph Of Chaos 02:10

Total Playing Time 21:17

Black Metal!

Download Here: