Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inquisition Live In Monterrey Mexico 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Epäkristus-The Greatest Gift Of Life Is The Awareness Of Death [ Finland ]

The Greatest Gift Of Life Is The Awareness Of Death

Recorded and mixed by J. Järvenpää at GaragE SounD, Anno Vitutus

Track List:

01.-Kirottu Olkoon... 03:15
02.-Rapements 04:08
03.-The Greatest Gift Of Life Is The Awareness Of Death 04:49

Total Playing Time 12:12

Raw Black Metal!

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Official Merchandise

Grave Desecrator-Cult Of Warfare And Darkness [ Brazil ]

Grave Desecrator-Cult Of Warfare And Darkness

EP, Ketzer Records

Limited to 500 copies.

In 2004,Hellspike Records re-released the 7" on tape, containing two rehearsal bonustracks, "Holocaust" and "War Consecrated".

Track List:

01.-Intro / Faces of Apocalyptic Battle 04:33
02.-Holocaust / Outro 05:28

Total playing time 10:01

Death Black Metal!

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Black Plague-Under the Black Flame [Portugal]

Black Plague-Under the Black Flame
Demo, Hell War Productions

Track List:

01.-Backstabber 02.21
02.-Venomous Fuel 01.56
03.-Ritual Steps 04.49
04.-Buried in Rust 03:47
05.-Black Flame 03:48

Total Playing Time 16:41

Black Metal!

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Arckanum-Grimalkinz Skaldi [Sweden]

Arckanum-Grimalkinz Skaldi
EP, Blut & Eisen / Carnal Records
June 13th, 2008

7" EP limited to 1000 copies (600 on thick black vinyl, 100 on green/black splatter vinyl, 300 picture discs). Gatefold cover. Only green/black splatter copies are hand numbered.

Track List:

01.-Lefkatta Ok Døþbuþ 04:17
02.-Spyrin Vm Grimalkin 05:06

Total Playing Time 09:23

Black Metal!

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Asmodeus-Embers of Aeon [Austria]

Asmodeus-Embers of Aeon
Demo, Independent

Track List:

01.-Sombre Elysium 06:11
02.-Embers of aeon 06:21
03.-Forlorn in Distress 03:48
04.-My inner Darkness 05:08

Total Playing Time 21:28

Black Metal!

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Mortuus-Mortuus [Sweden]

EP, The Ajna Offensive
June 17th, 2005

7" EP

Track List:

01.-Silence Sang The Praise Of Death 06:15
02.-All Dead 04:48

Total Playing Time 11:03

Black Metal!

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Burzum-Oud Spul [ Norway ]

Burzum-Oud Spul
Unreleased Demo

Track List:

01.-Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen 05:06

02.-Once Emperor 05:00

03.-Seven Harmonies of the Unknown Truth 02:56

Total Playing Time: 13:02

Black Metal!

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Beherit-Morbid Rehearsals [Finland]

Beherit-Morbid Rehearsals
Track List:

01.-Morbid Gods 02:46
02.-Voicea Succubus 00:31
03.-Grave Desecration 01:36
04.-Ultimate War 02:03

Total Playing Time 06:56

Black Metal!

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Wind Of The Black Mountains-Forcefed Into Blasphemy [USA]

Wind Of The Black Mountains-Forcefed Into Blasphemy
EP, Moribund Cult

7"EP limited to 1500 hand numbered copies.

Recorded in 1992, but released in 1994.

Track List:

01.-Forcefed Into Blasphemy 06:15
02.-The Rite of Darkness [Bathory Cover] 03:26

Total Playing Time 09:41

Black Metal!

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Zyklon B-Blood Must Be Shed [Norway]

Zyklon B-Blood Must Be Shed
EP, Malicious Records

Released as MR 005

Samoth: guitars, bass
Frost: drums
Draug Aldrahn: vocals
Ihsahn: keyboards

Re-released in 2004 by Blackend with a bonus track "Total Warfare (Sea Serpent

LP edition by Back On Black, 2008. Red vinyl.

The soundclips on the track "Warfare", are taken from Bob Larson's show "Talk
Back", with Boyd Rice as a guest on that particular one.

Track List:

01.-Mental Orgasm 02:54
02.-Bloodsoil 02:25
03.-Warfare 05:35

Total Playing Time 10:54

Black Metal!

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Astarte-Lloth [Greece]

Track List:

01.-Intro 00:37
02.-The Offering 01:58
03.-Empress Of The Shadowland 02:51

Total Playing Time:05:26
Black Metal!

Dracena-Demonic Women [Sweden]

Dracena-Demonic Women

Demo, Private Print

Recorded in Los Angered Recordings with Terror on session drums.

Track List:

01.-Demonic Women 05:13
02.-In The Shadows Of The Dragon 05:08
03.-Hounds Of Hell 04:10

Total Playing Time 14:31

Heavy Death Metal!

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Dissection-Into Infinite Obscurity [Sweden]

Dissection-Into Infinite Obscurity
EP, Corpse Grinder Records
September 5th, 1991
Limited to 1000 copies.

A second edition was released in 1999 by Nuclear Boom records.

Cover artwork by Necrolord.
Track List:

01.-Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom 02:48
02.-Son of the Mourning 03:23
03.-Into Infinite Obscurity 01:04

Total Playing Time 07:15

Black Death Metal!

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