Thursday, November 13, 2014

Magan-Nathicana [ Mexico ]

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal
Type: EP
Release Date: January 4th, 2004
Label: Sempiternal Prods
01.-The Dreamland Of Nathicana  05:23   
02.-To The Northside Of Inquanok  06:22   
03.-The Steel Of My Sword  05:45   
04.-Black Litany Of Nug & Yeb  06:52   
Total Playing Time 24:22
Black Metal ! ! ! 
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saman & Llova Death Mortum-Spell Of The Unholy One [ Mexico ]

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Antichristianity
Current Label: Unsigned / Independent
Years Active: 1996-present

Llova Death In Mortum
Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Anti-Christian, Hate, Occultism, Satanism
Current label: No Christ Recs
Years active: 2002-present
Spell Of The Unholy One
1.Saman-Mandatis Du Reines Sathanas 06:53   
2.Saman-Sacrifice 03:02   
3.Saman-Malevolence 03:41   
4.Llova Death In Mortum-Soldados De La Eterna Blasfemia 03:33   
5.Llova Death In Mortum-Grial Infernal  03:46   
6.Llova Death In Mortum-Sacrificio Azteca 06:18   
Total Playing Time 27:13  
Black Metal ! ! !
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Howling In The Fog-Falling Into The Void Of This Unknown Fate [ Italy ]

Falling into the Void of This Unknown Fate
Location: Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Full-length
Release Date: September 2014
Label: Razed Soul Prods
Format: CD

01.-Intro  02:25  
02.-Reaping The Path To No Return   06:11  
03.-Abstract Visions Of The End Of Ourselves   06:59   
04.-Falling Into The Void Of This Unknown Fate   06:31   
05.-Doomed To My Path Along The Predetermined Goal   08:36   
06.-End Of The Run ... Noise Of Despair   03:44

Total Playing Time 34:26

Black Metal ! ! !

Download Here:                           
Thnxx For this excellent full-length to Der Antikrist...See You  On The Darkest Road ! ! !


Friday, November 7, 2014

Order Of Thelema-Demo 2014 [ USA ]

Order Of Thelema are a brand-new black doom metal band hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio [USA].  The overall sound is dark and atmospheric, melding the brooding tempo and melodies of doom with the raw aggression of black metal.
Formed in the winter of 2013, the writing process began right away with many songs coming and going while the band searched for their own sound. The first demo [Demo 2014] was released on October 23, 2014.

They plan to record their debut album for December of the same year or January 2015 perhaps,we have to wait it will be fucking great...
Current Line-Up:
Gary Moreland [ex-Thorns Of The Carrion]-Guitar/Vocals
Adam Moses [ex-Thorns Of The Carrion]-Guitar/Vocals
Amie Moses-Keyboard/Vocals

Jason Hall-Percussion
Matt Hornsby-Bass/Acoustic Guitar

Demo 2014
 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Status: Active
Genre: Black Doom Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: October 23 2014
Label: Independent / Unsigned

Track List:
01.-The Serpent   And The Shrine 06:45
02.-XCIII 08:09
03.-Cultum In Animus Oculi 05:13
04.-The Unveiling Of The Dawn Through New Eyes 03:33
Total Playing Time 23:53
Black Doom Metal ! ! !

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interview With Euronymous

Interview with Euronymous taken from the Kill Yourself Magazine  # 2 written in Finnish originally which 80 copies only printed. This interview was answered by Euronimous which was murdered a week later, subsequently the English translation was made since some people have not had opportunity to read it.
Download Here:

Friday, August 8, 2014

Theurgia-Advance Anti Perpetuo EP [Venezuela]

Daemonhorn was founded by Daemonae in 2006 and changed its name to Theurgy in 2014, making his debut with a demo titled "Su Voz Entre Las Sombras". Track re-edited an old theme of Daemonhorn.
Theurgy is a word taken from the "Clavicula Salomonis" "Minor key" called "Ars Theurgia Goetia". The Theurgy defined as invoking not demonic spirits, this refers to [chiefs, emperors, Kings and Princes].
Theurgy is:
Daemonae: All Instruments & Vocals
Theurgy Live Is:
Daemonae: Rythm Guitar & Vocals
Hex Xezbet: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Iblis: Bass
Hellbeats: Drummer

Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Advance EP
Release Date: 2014
Label: Independent
Advance Anti Perpetuo
Track List:
01.-Su Voz Entre  Las Sombras
Total Playing Time 04:57
Download Here:
Thnxx Daemonae For This Killer Advance ! ! !  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ancestral Ritual Mexico-Promo 2011 [Mexico]

Ancestral Ritual Mexico was created in 2011 by Rene Xull (Alla Xull & Necromantical Ritual) by plenty of ideas and lack of musicians decided to do a one man band have influences from the Mayan and Aztec music, includes flutes, bongoes, maracas, hucharacas and ancestral sounds to give a magical touch to the tracks but only as atmosphere, the vocals was influenced by satanic possessions, cacophonies, etc the lyrics speak of a different nature as social spiritual and customs.
Ancestral Ritual Mexico was changed the name to "Ancestral Ritual" by 2014 and have a promo was recorded in 2011 singing completely in english it has only three tracks.
In October 2013 start recording their debut album which contains 8 tracks, singing 2 in english and 6 in spanish...In April 2014 was finished this recording...
Location:Santa Catarina, N.L.
Status: Active
Genre: Ancestral Death Black Metal
Type: Promo
Release Date: 2011
Label: Independent
Promo 2011
Track List:
01.-My Existence 05:48
02.-Ancestral Rituals 4:25
03.-Time Portal [Without Any Satisfaction] 05:27
Total Playing Time 16:40
Download Here:
Thnxx Rene Xull For This Fucking Killer Promo...See You On The Black Fucking Road ! ! ! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Howling In The Fog-Unbridgeable [Italy]

Howling In The Fog is a Italian One Man Project Depressive Black Metal born in march 2010 by " Der Antikrist Seelen Mord " as a side project Ambient Black Metal of Dark Paranoia.
A short time after the creation of the project was released the first demo tape "Drained From Suicidal Thoughts" by "Depressive Illusions Records " lmt to 33 copies.
The 1st october 2010 was released her first album always on tape and under "Depressive Illusions Records " " Emasculated By Endless Unhappiness " tape lmt to 1000 copies.
In December 13th, 2010 they released their first EP "Unhealthy Memories" 100 copies in digi-pack with posters and patches by Glorius North Produtcions .

In April 15th Released by Razed Soul Productions " Unaware Prediction " limited to 500 copies + 30 t-shirt.
After 2 years returns with "Unbridgeable"Experimental instrumental Album. CDR in jewel case limited to 66 copies By Depressive Illusions Records.
Location: Italy
Status: Active
Genre: Experimental Instrumental Black Metal

Type: Full-length
Release Date: 2014
Label: Depressive Illusions Recs

Track List:

01 - Unbridgeable 08:40
02 - Frightening And Gruesome Visions 08:40
03 - Struck By A Veil Of Depression Forlon 07:09
04 - Turn Your Memories 06:58
05 - The Wind Cast A Ruin 05:52
06 - Drown 05:20
07 - Twisted In The Cloud 07:00

Total Playing Time 49:19

Experimental Instrumental Black Metal

Download Here:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brutal Pig-Discography [Mexico]


Brutal Pig born as a one man band project was created in 2011 by Chamuko Blasfemo in guitars and creation of music from computer software.
All this idea of creating "music" grotesque, sticky, such sexual and perverse arises at the end of the 2011.
Starting the 2012 joins Ivan in vocals and Shaagy on drums, so reaching and playing for the first time in April of the same year.
In January 2013 comes out the first demo titled "Sexo, Sangre y Pornogore" featuring 6 tracks recorded home-made and distributed only among friends, known and through social networks.
Early January but 2014 comes to circulation a second demo titled "Chupame La Vejiga" containing this time only 4 tracks but with a quality much better compared with the previous work, created and recorded in the same way as above but with different techniques.
Thanks to the good acceptance of the recorded stuff, we have been involved with bands of popularity within the local scene as Urtikaria Anal, Spit On Your Grave, Dysmenorrhea and also sharing the stage with bands such as Ahumado Granujo, Ingrowing and Spasm!  
As curious data, every name of every Brutal Pig track, has its history true in any of the musicians that have been part of Brutal Pig.

Sexo, Sangre y Pornogore
Location: San Nicolas De Los Garza, N.L.
Status: Active
Genre: Porno Gore
Type: Demo
Release Date: 2013
Label: Independent
Track List:
01.-Amor A Lo Prohibido 02:26
02.-Calambre Coital 02:55
03.-Cogida Interrumpida 01:45
04.-Quiero Sentir Tu Clítoris 02:58
05.-Rozamientos A La Vulva 02:14
06.-Soy Dios Y Amo El Porno 01:53
Total Playing Time 12:11
Download Here:

Chupame La Vejiga
Type: Demo
Release Date: 2014
Label: Independent
Track List:
01.-Copulando Con Los Muertos 03:16
02.-Dilatando Tu Ano 02:58
03.-Masoquismo 02:57
04.-Mermelada Vaginal 03:15
Total Playing Time 12:11
Download Here:

Thnxx To Chamuko For This Fucking Demos! ! ! Long Live Brutal Pig...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Anochecer-Solange [Mexico]


Anochecer a Mexican project that arises directly from the melancholy of each of its members coming from different projects such as Nymphe, Lux Funestus among other, all hovering in the post black metal.
With the need to create something different from the usual, they decide to take as a base the Post Rock and Shoegaze, but without forgetting their roots Black Metal decided to enter the field of one of the genres that has been more popular in recent years, so-called BlackGaze / Post-Rock, also known as Shoegaze Black Metal, which include bands like Alcest, Amesoeurs, Lantlôs, Heretoir among others.
"Solange" being their first release, decide to throw in free download, but those wishing to obtain the material in physical, can put in contact with the band.

Location: Monterrey
Status: Active
Genre: Blackgaze/Post Rock
Type: Full-length
Release Date: February 9th 2014
Label: Independent
Track List:
01.-Solange 05:12
02.-Like You... 06:03
03.-Enero 06:23
04.-Raindrops Sonata 04:16
05.-The Silver Swan 07:35
06.-Via De Estrellas 06:46
07.-Las Mil Treinta Lagunas 06:09
Total Playing Time 42:24
Shoegaze Black Metal
Download Here: