Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goat Molestör-Realm Of Evoked Doom [United Kingdom]

Realm Of Evoked Doom

EP, Bestial Onslaught
May 25th, 2005

Demonomancy Edition:
100 copies of this 7" released on red vinyl with a Realm Of Evoked Doom T-shirt [exclusive to this release]

Regular Edition:
1000 copies of this 7" released on black vinyl

Track List:

01.-Ritual Lair 07:33
02.-This Tomb is My Altar 07:05

Total Playing Time 14:38

Black Death Metal!

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Sadomator-Infinite Goatsower [Denmark]

Infinite Goatsower

EP, Iron Bonehead Prods
August 5th, 2009

7" EP limited to 666 hand numbered copies [gatefold sleeve]

Track List:

01.-Third Atomic Erector 01:52
02.-Virgins Goatlust 01:43
03.-Baphomet´s Vomit 04:57
04.-Goat Vulva Attack 01:07

Total Playing Time 09:39

Black Death Metal!

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Moonfrost-Towards The Twilight Realm [Switzerland]

Towards The Twilight Realm

Full-length, SMP
February 27th, 2007

Track List:

01.-Dark Times To Come 05:01
02.-De Gfaune In Ehr 05:40
03.-Endless Conquest 08:27
04.-Twilight Journey 09:14

Total Playing Time 28:22

Black Metal!

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Old Man's Child-In the Shades Of Life [Norway]

In The Shades Of Life

Demo, Hot Records
April 7Th, 1994

The demo which got them signed and was later released as a split with Dimmu Borgir.

Re-released in 1996 by Hot Recs as a MCD

Track List:
01.-St. Aidens Fall 05:48

02.-Seeds Of The Ancient Gods 06:37

03.-Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen 05:34

04.-The Old Man´s Child 03:56

05.-Og Jeg Iakttok DØdsrikets Inntog 05:04

Total Playing Time 27:08

Melodic Black Metal!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mortuary Drape-Secret Sudaria Double LP Macabre Release‏

Secret Sudaria Double LP

The Drape slowly approach on his own mourn path, leaving trails of blood at the back…

New macabre release of Secret Sudaria: strictly limited edition (100 pieces only!) in bleeding white vinyl folded inside a superb genuine leather cover, as well bloodstained and personally hand made by Wildness Perversion in a two color thermal printing! Enclose with the vinyl will be a very special metal pendant charm carrying The Drape insignia, a collector item exclusively mint for this horrifying edition, only for the darkest disciples of the Black Mortuary Word!

Only 100 pieces released, no future pressing at all! Be quick to book your copy now!

Contact :


Il Drappo avanza lentamente sul proprio tetro sentiero lasciando dietro sé tracce di sangue…

Nuova macabra edizione di Secret Sudaria: tiratura limitata in soli 100 pezzi realizzata in vinile bianco grondante sangue e racchiuso in una superba sovra copertina in vero cuoio anch’essa insanguinata e realizzata personalmente da Wildness Perversion con stampa serigrafica bicolore! Al vinile sarà allegato un particolare amuleto a ciondolo recante le insegne del Drappo, un pezzo da collezione appositamente coniato in metallo per questa raccapricciante edizione e destinato ai più oscuri seguaci del Nero Verbo Mortuario!

Saranno realizzati solamente 100 pezzi, senza alcuna possibilità di ristampe future: prenota subito la Tua copia!

Contatti :


Monday, November 16, 2009

Mysteriis-About The Christian Despair [Brazil]

About The Christian Despair
Full-Length, Demise Records

Track List:

01.-Ave Mysteriis [Baphomet Signs] 04:31
02.-A Song For Anu 03:42
03.-Feeling The Ancient Hordes Of The Abyss 06:13
04.-Blasphemy Calls 04:09
05.-The Valley Of Triumphant 04:54
06.-Nocturnal Celebration 04:24
07.-Diabolical Cosmos Dimensions 06:30
08.-Sobre O Desespero Cristão [Outro] 03:04

Total Playing Time 37:27

Black Metal!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lord Satanael-Lord Satanael [Brazil]

Lord Satanael
Full-length, Morbid Reason 666

Tape version by Satanic Army prods [Bol ] with diferent order of tracks

Track List:

01.-Lords of Bestial Glory 05:05
02.-Sons of Darkness 04:50
03.-Lord Satanael 03:42
04.-Matre Tenebrarum 05:41
05.-Imperial Satanic Fury 04:32
06.-Master of the Black Art's 06:50
07.-Empire of the Unholy Dark Fire 05:13
08.-NIarlathoth [The Nocturnal Misty Forest] 03:38
09.-Black Moon Prophecy 04:16
10.-Thefertash's Claim 04:42

Total Playing Time 48:29

Black Metal!

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Zephyrous-Entrance And Wandering On The Seven Zones [Greece]

Entrance And Wandering On The Seven Zones
Demo, Self released

Re-released in 1995 on CD by Impure Creations Recs

Track List:

01.-Antiquus Gloria 01:43
02.-Hidden Away From the Sun 01:56
03.-The Frozen Path Of Timeless Wisdom And Trance 05:31
04.-The Inner Battalion Of Dagon 06:11
05.-Everlasting Fire 05:29
06.-Endless Abysses Of Black 07:14
07.-Apparition Of A Haunted Dance 04:12
08.-Darkest Dreams 04:20
09.-Sign From The Northern Darkness 05:50
10.-The Gifted Empire Of The Marvelous Tartarus 04:44
11.-Sensations Lost In Time 03:26

Total Playing Time 51:02

Black Metal!

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Moonfrost-Polar Night Darkness [Finland]

Polar Night Darkness
Demo, Self-released

Track List:

01.-Ruins Of The Mighty Realms 03:31
02.-November Fullmoon 04:43
03.-Polar Night Darkness 03:09

Total Playing Time 11:23

Black Metal!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Osculum Infame-Sadomatic,Impure Artgoat [France]

Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat
Demo, Independent

First edition limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Re-released by Adversary
Productions in September 2005 on tape limited to 300 copies.

Track List:

01.-Overture 02:30
02.-Vicarius Filii Dei...666 06:36
03.-Satanaelic Shameful Act 05:33
04.-Scorn The Mortified Deceiver 04:39
05.-Final 01:36

Total Playing Time 20:54

Black Metal!

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Cantus In Tenebrae-Sons Of Perpetual Darkness [Mexico]

Sons Of Perpetual Darkness
Demo, Serpentum Records

Track List:

01.-Triumph of Sin 02:43
02.-Abigor's Legions 03:15
03.-Fallen Warriors 05:01
04.-Nigra Mortis 03:45
05.-Infernal Majesty 05:17
06.-The Worst Creation 05:03

Total Playing Time 25:04

Black Metal!

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War Ancestry-191919... [Turkey]

Demo, Self-Production

Promo CD-R, includes the Video for 191919...

The Song's about the Turkish War of Independence [1919 to 1923]

Track List:
1.-191919... 03:53

Total Playing Time 03:53

Death Black Metal!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sear Bliss-The Pagan Winter [Hungary]

The Pagan Winter
Demo, Independent

Recorded at LMS Studio, April 1995
Produced by Bertalan Domby & Sear Bliss
All songs by Sear Bliss, lyrics by Winter

Cover illustration by Zoltán Máté
Logo by Winter

Re-released in 1997 by Two Moons Records with a bonus track entitled "In the Shadow of Another World."

The CD contains tracklisting errors. Due to a production mistake the songs are mixed up. The order of the songs on the CD is:

01.- ...Where the Darkness Always Eeigned 07:20
02.-Twilight 04:23
03.-Ancient 04:54
04.-The Pagan Winter 04:33
05.-In the Shadow of Another World 12:02

Total Playing Time 33:12

The original [correct] tracklisting is written on the rear cover of the CD.

01.-Ancient 04:54
02.-The Pagan Winter 04:24
03.-...Where the Darkness Always Reigned 07:20
04.-Twilight 04:33

Total Playing Time 21:11

Atmospheric Black Metal!

Download Here:

Official Web Site


Balberith-Rites Of Blasphemy [Singapore]

Rites Of Blasphemy
Demo, Sabbathid Records
September 20th, 2006

Limited to 500 copies with hand-numbering.
CDR version by Ravage Recs limited to 333, also handnumbered.

Track List:

01.-Rites Of Blasphemy 03:13
02.-Revelation Of Death 03:18
03.-Satan's Conjuration 02:27
04.-Nazarene Labyrinth 02:37

Total Playing Time 11:35

Black Metal!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toxaemia-Demos & EP [Sweden]

Buried To Rot
Demo, Self Release
August 1991

Recorded In August 23/25th 1991.

Track List:

01.-World Graveyard 02:57
02.-Tragedies Through Centuries 03:36
03.-Hate Within 02:57
04.-The Beginning Of The End 04:08
05.-Buried To Rot 03:03

Total Playing Time 16:41

Death Metal!
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Kaleidoscopic Lunacy
Demo, Self Release
March 1990

Track List:

01.-Terminated Violence 03:35
02.-Dark Wisdom 04:10
03.-Crematorium 05:00
04.-Evil Rage 05:17

Total Playing Time 18:02

Death Metal!
Download Here:
Beyond The Realm
EP, Seraphic Decay
August 1990

This EP Was Released On The Seraphic Decay Compillation CD

Track List:

01.-Beyond The Realm 03:25
02.-Another Lie, Another Death 04:09
03.-Who Dies 04:00
04.-Expired Christianity 03:34

Total Playing Time 15:08

Death Metal!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zorn-Schwarz Metall [Germany]

Schwarz Metall
Full-Length, Last Episode

Reissued By Black Atakk In 2005 Without Any Changes In Layout Or Tracklist.

Track List:

01.-Hexenlichter Am Nordhimmel 04:33
02.-Schwarz Metall 04:34
03.-Der Totale Krieg 04:11
04.-Wiederkehr 04:41
05.-Kriegserklärung An Die Menschheit 03:52
06.-...In Flammen 04:05
07.-Panzerzorn 04:31

Total Playing Time

Black Metal!

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