Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gexerott- Grim Arcane Winds [ Colombia ]

Grim Arcane Winds
Full-length, Blood Ritual Records
February 20th, 2007

Limited to 500 copies.

Track List:

01.-Rituals To Darkenessence 04:08
02.-Grim Arcane Winds 01:11
03.-The Forest Mysteri 04:19
04.-My Funeral 05:00
05.-Letanies Of Funeral Kyries 03:52
06.-Prophetic Sacra 05:47
07.-Blow Of The Lugubrious Ones 06:52
08.-Empires 05:20
09.-Prophetic Sacra [ 2005 Bonus Track ] 05:17

Total Playing Time 41:51

Black metal!

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Gexerott was formed by P. Darkyries L. [ guitarist, drummer and vocalista / 2004 ] in that year born with the name of “Sombersolivm” musically inclined to the experimental atmospheres accomplishment, soon in greater ideological reinforcement is re-baptized with name “Gexerott” [ Gea-xero / ro-tt ].

At the beginning of the 2005 the initial emanation is created in the jaws of the serpent, the first Opus of Gexerott, demo titled ”Prophetic Sacra”, composed by one track of raw Black Metal that mixes the fury and the devotion in dark and energetic expressions of rhythmical force. There they are begun to consolidate with feeling sonorous / raw and with obscure hymns on cosmogony, occultism and existentialism …

Darkyries L., Furdas, Alastor With this line up beginning of the 2007 emanates the second Opus of Gexerott, the first CD Full-length titled “Grim Arcane Winds” with 9 tracks of obscure metal, expels to emanate mystical / melodies and rhythms that extend to imaginary / cosmogonic lyrics which this evokes the essence of the abysses beyond the visible universe … this venom is produced by Ritual Blood Records of Washington D.C USA in a dose of 500 limited copies. Which is distributed through Europe, Asia and America …For the 2008 after exit of Alastor, Gexerott consolidates with actual line up Darkyries L. and Furdas with which record the third Opus of Gexerott, second CD, titled “ Into Descensus Impious Ad Gloria ” dark dogmatic manifesto which it express in metaphoric codes 11 the mystical ways of Cabalistic, philosophies and doctrines that submerge to the world in sacred destruction and the man in the precipice of the being.

For half-full the 2009 it will leave the new dose of poison Gexerott second Full- length titled “Into Descensus Impiuos Ad Gloriam”…absolute kaozorthodoxia…

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eshtadur-Rebellion Of Angels [ Colombia ]

Eshtadur-Rebellion Of Angels

Demo, Independent

Track List:

01.-At The Gates Of The Funereal Dreams 03:18
02.-In The Name Of God 03:29
03.-Eshtadur 03:15
04.-Lamento Griego 01:59
05.-Eternal Moonlight 04:24
06.-Nocturnal Visitor 04:41
07.-Timo Be Timo 05:28

Total Playing Time 26:37

Black Metal!

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Eshtadur is a Black Metal band from Colombia, South America and was formed in 2006.
Jorge Lopez [ He composed all the music, songs and lyrics ] & He recorded all the instruments ...
My personal thoughts (Eshtadur)
My music is everything related to the metal, with good rhythm on guitars and dark melodies, my music is darkness, tetrical movements, horror suspense. Thriller ambients, all this is basically for my Black Metal.
I like the music of the following bands: Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir, Graveworm, Vader, Behemoth, Ozzy, etc.
Eshtadur is currently recording what will be his new album, which I think will be better than the previous one. I hope you like the people of the underground.
Listen the new tracks on myspace:
Jorge is currently 19 years old and is student of music, just as it is drummer teacher.
Eshtadur is looking for label ...
For more info write to the following address:

Gexerott-Prophetic Sacra [ Colombia ]

Gexerott-Prophetic Sacra

Demo, Brujo Records

Darkyries:vocals, all guitars and drums

Available as a bonus track on the “Grim Arcane Winds” Album

Only One Track

01.-Prophetic Sacra 05:17

Total Playing Time 05:17

Black Metal!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Folklord-Pagan Twilight [ Brazil ]

Folklord-Pagan Twilight
Demo, Klozed Circle Produktionz

Track List:

01.-Os Doentes 02:35
02.-A Warrior And His Battle 06:26
03.-Fgmenth-Thy Gift [ Rotting Christ Cover ]04:32
04.-The Cursed Egyptian Saga 10:01

Total Playing Time: 23:34

Folk Black Metal !

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Cantas Ad Mortuos-O retorno [ Brazil ]

Cantas Ad Mortuos-O retorno
Demo, Independent
July 15th, 2006

Track List:

01.-O Clamor a Guerra [ Intro ] 02:19
02.-Campos de Vento 05:41
03.-Drama 08:07
04.-O Retorno 08:06

Total Playing Time 24:13

Black /Doom Metal !

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Salvation 666-Sermo Diaboli [Germany]

Salvation 666-Sermo Diaboli
EP, Black Devastation Records
January 2009

7" EP with handmade covers printed on copper metalic papper. Limited to 99
copies. Tape released in February 2009; limited to 266 copies.

Track List:

01.-Sermo Diaboli 04:32
02.-The One Radical Evil 04:43

Total Playing Time 09:15

Black Metal !

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Suicide Solution-Kill Yourself [Germany]

Suicide Solution-Kill Yourself
Demo, Deathbringer Recs

Limited to 50 copies.
For some reason, this release is not listed on Deathbringer Recs.

Track List:

01.-Suicide Solution Kill Yourself 04:18
02.-Misanthrophy Dreams 05:10
03.-Selbstmord Erlosung 04:38

Total Playing Time 14:06

Black Metal !

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Genocide-Blasphemic Terrorism [Germany]

Genocide-Blasphemic Terrorism
EP, Burning Churches Records
July 2007

All tracks previously appeared on "Promo 2006" tape, but this is not a
re-release; merely the release as it was originally intented.
Track List:

01.-Thorns Of Christ 07:28
02.-For The Glory Of War 03:23
03.-Annihilation Of The Weak 04:05

Total Playing Time 14:56

Black Metal !

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Bergthron-Uralte Gedanken [Germany]

Bergthron-Uralte Gedanken
EP, Perverted Taste
August 14th, 1999

PT Catalog-No. 026

Uralte Gedanken means "Ancient Thoughts".

Song translation: Past Time

Track List:

01.-Vergangene Zeiten 19:32

Total Playing Time: 19:32

Black Metal !

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Exetheris-Call of the Dark Wood [Greece]

Exetheris-Call of the Dark Wood
Split, None
September 6th, 2006

Even though it was initially planned to have no limitation, finally due to a
clash between Exetheris and Athos, only 50 copies were printed.

Also, on "The Cry of the Tyrant Lord," most of the lyrics for this track are in

Track List:

01.-The Cry of the Tyrant lord 06:20
02.-Vampiric Embrace 08:16

03.-Beyond the Darkest Horizon 05:34
04.-Symphony of the Night 05:41

Total Playing Time 25:51

Black Metal!

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Medieval Demon & Invocation-Split [Greece]

Medieval Demon & Invocation-Split
Split, Dark Side Records

7"EP released as DSR 003

Medieval Demon's side is titled "Night Of The Infernal Lords".

Track List:

Medieval Demon
01.-Night of the Infernal Lords 05:05
02.-Epilogue: The Opera of the Black Ceremony 01:23

03.-Shadow Over Innsmouth 05:46

Total Playing Time 12:14

Black Metal !

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Demons Of Creation-Delicate Death's Steps [Brazil]

Demons Of Creation-Delicate Death's Steps
Demo, Suicide Apology

Track List:

01.-Melancholic Hatred Mind 00:47
02.-Far away from the Equilibrium of the Life 03:57
03.-Desire by Death 02:39

04.-Rains of Fire 04:57
05.-Darkness and Cold saddened Tears 04:06

Total Playing Time 16:26

Black Metal !

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Sigismund-Everlasting Light [Romania]

Sigismund-Everlasting Light
Demo, Self Released

Vocals on "My Pain" and "Black Metal" by Catalin;
Bass guitar and drums on "Black Metal" by Serban.

Track List:

01.-My Pain 06:27
02.-Black Metal 05:51
03.-Into the Realm of Stars 04:04
04.-Vision 07:01

Total Playing Time 23:23

Black Metal !

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Setherial-För Dem Mitt Blod [Sweden]

Setherial-För Dem Mitt Blod
EP, Arte De Occulta

Track List:

01.-För Dem Mitt Blod 04:41
02.-Their Blood In Me 04:14

Total Playing Time 08:55

Black Metal !

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