Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mass Obliteration-Abrahamitic Curse [Italy]

Abrahamitic Curse
Demo, Self Released
August 1st, 2007

There are 3 extra video tracks at the end of the demo:

1.-Balls Torture For Preachers
2.-From Beyond [live]
3.-The Making of "Abrahamitic Curse"

Track List:

01.-Shrine Of The I Part 1 01:52
02.-Supremacy 02:53
03.-From Beyond 06:17
04.-Shrine Of The I Part 2 02:00
05.-Balls Torture For Preachers 04:26
06.-Aaimonion [Demon Of Goddess] 04:30
07.-Shrine Of The I Part 3 05:05

Total Playing Time 27:07

Death Metal!

Download Here:

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