Saturday, May 15, 2010

Occultus-Cosmos [Colombia]


Full-Length, Decade
February 2002

In the listing for the 1997 release of the "Cosmos" CD, it says that it was reissued in 2002 but the entire album [plus one extra track] was completely re-recorded for this 2002 edition

Track List:

01.-Voyager 01:17
02.-Luto Perpetuo 02:31
03.-Gloria Al Ocultismo 06:15
04.-Chant Of The Souls 03:20
05.-Spawn Of Lilith 04:44
06.-A Chain Of Sorrow 01:46
07.-Un Grito Un Llanto 06:20
08.-Dream Lover 06:19
09.-Cosmos 02:04
10.-Lagrimas Negras 05:08
11.-Stealed Visions 01:39

Total Playing Time 41:29

Black Metal !

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