Saturday, October 31, 2009

Desaster-Lost In The Ages [Germany]

Lost In The Ages
Demo, Independent

Track List:

01.-Hymn To Forgotten Lands 02:57
02.-In A Winter Battle 05:08
03.-Tears Of An Old Wizard 06:07
04.-Lost In The Ages 04:51
05.-As The Deadworld Calls 04:39
06.-Leaving The Hall Of Kings 01:46

Total Playing Time 25:28

Black Thrash Metal!

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Official Site

Lucifer-The Ritual [Sweden]

The Ritual
Demo, Self Release

The First Demo

Track List:

01.-Intro [The Ritual]
02.-United In Hell
03.-Burn In Hell
04.-Die On A Cross
05.-Rotten Cadaver
07.-Into The Grave
08.-Outro [The Ritual]

Total Playing Time 07:27

Death Metal!

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Pan.Thy.Monium-...Dawn [Sweden]

Demo, Independent
July 1990

Recorded At Maps Studios In July 1990.

Track List:

01.-Dauwhnn 03:22
02.-Zenotaffph 02:40
03.-Klievieage 02:54
04.-Ekkhoeece 00:58

Total Playing Time 09:54

Progressive Death Metal!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Carnage-The Day Man Lost [Sweden]

The Day Man Lost...
Demo, Self Released
January 1989

Track List:

01.-Crime Against Humanity 01:51
02.-Aftermath 01:23
03.-The Day Man Lost 01:22

Total Playing Time 04:36

Death Metal!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marasme-Marasme [Spain]

Demo 2008

Track List :

01.-Waves 08:05
02.-Firebreather 06:12
03.-Maze 08:58

Total Playing Time 23:15

Experimental Sludge Metal!

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Alcohol Holocausto-Promo: Rock & Roll Satanico [Chile]

Promo: Rock & Roll Satanico
Demo 2008

Track List:

01.-Alcohol Holocausto 01:55
02.-Venganza 02:25
03.-Carnal Sex 02:22

Total Playing Time 06:42

Stoner Rock!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Against All Hope-For Teh Lulz [Spain]

For Teh Lulz
Demo Self Produced

Track List:

01.-The Pleasure Of Hate 03:45
02.-Squalophobia 03:51
03.-Amnesia 04:54

Total Playing Time 12:30

Death Metal!

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Against All Hope

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ninfa Satana-Tentación Vampirica [Mexico]

Tentación Vampirica

EP Catprodz

Also Released With Different Cover Front

Track List:

01.-Intro 03:44
02.-Hematoma 03:36
03.-Lágrimas De Sangre 03:17
04.-Revelación Belial 03:31
05.-Santísima Pederastía 03:24
06.-Más Que Para La Noche 03:34
07.-Exorcismo 05:34
08.-Vampire Nocturnus 03:17
09.-No Hay Dolor 02:39
10.-Outro 02:33

Total Playing Time 34:35

Black Metal!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ilvar-Dedicated To Infernal Demons

Dedicated To Infernal Demons
Demo, Self Produced 2008
Track List:
01.-Intro [Infernal Majesty] 03:40
02.-Evil Eternal 02:50
Total Playing Time 06:30
Black Metal!
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Maligna Noche De Culto Negro

Maligna Noche De Culto Negro En Colombia
Viejo Entierro Presenta:
Black Metal Ritual Con Las siguientes Hordas:
Grimorium Serpents [Pereira]
Con La Maligna Presencia De Las Mas Oscuras Hordas De Bogota:
Cabro Satana
Bogota: [Sabado] 21 De Noviembre 2009
Lugar: Alcala Rock Bar [1 De Mayo Calle 6 Sur N 71,77-Cuadra Picha]
Hora: 4:00 PM [Puntual]
Boleteria En: Mort Discos [C.C Ovni 19 Cra 8 A N18-81 Local 210,Centro]
Preventa: 13000 + 1 Cerveza
Dia Del Evento: 15000 + 1 Cerveza
Informacion General: 312 327 36 46

Weapon-Para Bhakti...Salvation [Canada]

Para bhakti...Salvation
Ep, Full Moon Productions
January 17th, 2008

Limited To 1000 Copies

Track List:

01.-Archana 07:32
02.-Para Bhakti...Salvation 06:59

Total Playing Time 14:31

Black Metal!

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Deströyer 666-Satanic Speed Metal [Australia]

Satanic Speed Metal
Ep, Merciless Records

7"Ep Limited To 350 Copies

Track List:

01.-Satanic Speed Metal 03:40
02.-The Siren's Call 03:46

Total Playing Time 07:26

Blackened Thrash Death Metal!

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Woodtemple-Hidden In Eternal Shadow [Austria]

Hidden In Eternal Shadow
Ep, No Colours Records
April 4th, 2005

Cat. No. Nc093

Recorded At Eastclan Forge And Ats Studio In Autumn 2004

Track List:

01.-Hidden In Eternal Shadow 14:48
02.-Tears Of The Forests 12:59

Total Playing Time 27:47

Pagan Black Metal!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Front Beast-Once Sent From Darkness [Germany]

Once Sent From Darkness

EP, Hells Headbangers
July 13th, 2009

Released as a 7" EP in a gatefold jacket.

There are two versions: Standard: Black Vinyl
Die-Hard: Red Vinyl, sold only with the Die-Hard edition of Black Spells Of The Damned reissue, limited to 100 copies.

Track 1 is Side Azazel

Tracks 2-3 are Side Belial

01.-Once Sent From Darkness 05:47
02.-Ethereal Doom 03:19
03.-Black Dawn 01:26

Total Playing Time 10:32

Black Metal!

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War Pestilence-Distrust Of Pest [Argentina]

Dristrust Of Pest
EP, Overflesh Records
April 19th, 2009

Recorded at 7 Cuchillos Records, San Martin, Mendoza - Argentina

Limited to only handnumbered 200 copies. Artwork by Thernary

Track List:

01.-End 10:34
02.-Smells Like Human Kind 04:38

Total Playing Time 15:12

Black Thrash Metal!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Anal Blasphemy & Bloodhammer-Filth Union In Desecration [Finland]

Filth Union In Desecration

Split, Hammer Of Hate
August 2007

7" EP limited to 666 copies.

Track List:

Anal Blasphemy
01.-Cross of God 06:18

02.-Kadotuksen Musta Puutarha 04:52

Total Playing Time 11:10

Black Metal!

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Anal Blasphemy Official

Defuntos & Striborg-Florestas De Perpétua Solidão [Portugal / Australia]

Florestas De Perpétua Solidão
Split, Sabbath's Fire Records
August 9th, 2009

Co-released by Sabbath's Fire Records, Infernal Kommando Records and Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Vinyl 7" limited to 500 copies with an insert. (Translation:"Forests of perpetual solitude")

Track List:

01.-Do Fundo Da Minha Alma... 07:50

02.-Solitary Bewilderment 08:04

Total Playing Time 15:54

Black Metal!

Download Here:
Defuntos Fan site
Striborg Fan Site