Sunday, December 9, 2012

Black Souls Death-Reino Subterraneo [Mexico]

Reino Subterraneo

Track List:

01.-Tiempo De Destruccion 08:24
02.-Bitch Death 08:59
03.-Inspirado Por El Demonio 06:27

Black Metal!

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Bastard Sons-Hellkiller [U.S.A.]


Track List:

01.-Hellkiller 02:14
02.-Intro 01:27
03.-In The Shadows 04:34
04.-Art Of Pain 03:28
05.-Hammer Of Hate 02:21
06.-Impale This World 01:22

Total Playing Time 15:26

Brutal Death Metal!

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Highly Recommend...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Driving The Illusion-Slicing The Nipple Of Women [Nepal]

 Slicing The Nipple Of Women
Driving The Illusion Is A One Man Band Project Created By Sanju 2012, The First One In The Nepal Underground Scene... The Man Behind ”DTI” Explain It ‘As A Late Night Experimental Project’ And Defines His Music As Dark, Tortural, Brutal And Satanic…
Formed In 2012, He Already Had A Bunch Of Tracks In The Art Of Gore With So Much Brutality \m/
Sanju-All Instruments
Track List:
01.-Vagina Fisting Abortion
02.-Skin Removal Metamorphosis
03.-Crying For Sacrifice
04.-Necromancy Torture
05.-Slicing The Nipple Of Women
06.-Putrefaction Surgery
07.-Cadaveric Pathology
08.-Reincarnation Of Satan Through Necropsy Vagina
09.-No Title
Total Playing Time 10:15
Dark Tortural Brutal Satanic Music!
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Luzen-Sargathanas-Lobo-Alianza Oscura [Mexico]



Luzen-Sargathanas-Lobo-Alianza Oscura [Mexico]
Track List:
01.Soledad-Luzen 06:53
02.-El Libro De Lucifer-Sargathanas 04:53
03.-Mis Plegarias Son Olvido-Lobo 16:01

Total Playing Time 27:46

Black Metal!

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High Recommend!

Split From Three One Man Project From Mexico…

Thnxx Bro Sargathanas For This Evil CD…See You On The Road Demon \m/

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dark Paranoia-Solstice To The Everlasting Sorrow [Italy]

Solstice To The Everlasting Sorrow
September 1st, 2012
Razed Soul Prods
Track List:
01.-Submissive Happiness 09:02
02.-Slowly Towards A Ghost Trail 09:27
03.-Solstice To The Everlasting Sorrow 10:10
04.-The Twilight Of The Infinite Wisdom 09:18
05.-Forgotten Petal 03:32 [Instrumental]

Total Playing Time 41:29

Ambient Black Metal!

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High Recommended!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Luciferian Rites-Evangelion Of The Black Misanthropy [Mexico]

Evangelion Of The Black Misanthrophy
Azermedoth Recs

Track List:
01.-Intro 02:28
02.-The Other Side Of Hell 03:08
03-Invoking The Bastard Salvation 05:36
04.-Red Ravens Flying In The Black 04:51
05.-Nocturnal Impalement 05:22
06.-The Last Grave 05:00
07.-Burn In The Eternal Flame Of Satan 03:
08.- Altar Of The Nightmares 05:36
09.-My Funeral Depression 04:00

Total Playing Time: 39:59

Raw Black Metal!
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Enochian Key-Where Gods Wonder Where Ravens Fly [Israel]

Where Gods Wonder, Where Ravens Fly
Enshrouded Prods 
Track List:
01.-Vacant Thoughts Of Non-Existing 04:55
02.-Return Of Pagan Mesopotamia 03:47
03.-Where Gods Wonder, Where Ravens Fly 04:11
04.-By The Coldest Claws 03:25
05.-Reformed Unto Spiritualism 04:28
Total Playing Time 20:46

Black Metal!
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Anguished-Cold [Finland]


November 10th, 2010

Hammer Of Hate Recs

Track List:
01.-These Gray Days 03:42
02.-Come To Me Satan 04:18
03.-September Nights 07:54
04.-Depart This Life 05:06
05.-Tired 05:10
06.-The Last Trip 04:50
07.-Verivala 04:12
08.-Cold 04:34

Total Playing Time 39:46

Black Metal!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Asbel & Lucifago Rofacale-Coalition For Christian Empalement [Colombia / Mexico]

Coalition For The Christian Impalement
Self-Released / Independent
Track List:
01.-Asbel-Lucifer 02:29
02.-Asbel-The Gates Of Hell 04:16
03.-Asbel-Demon´s Wrath 05:38
04.-Lucifago Rofacale-Intro 01:12
05.-Lucifago Rofacale-The Jewel Of Sacrilegious 04:09
06.-Lucifago Rofacale-Satan Bless You In The Tires Of Hell 04:15
07.-Lucifago Rofacale-Between Angels And Demons 08:33
Total Playing Time 21:53
Raw Black Metal!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Night Ritual-Ritual De Semen En La Cruz [Mexico]

Ritual De Semen En La Cruz

Full Lenght

Track List:

01.-Nocturna Invocacion En El Ritual 01:55
02.-Ritual De Semen En La Cruz 04:06
03.-Muerte En La cruz 03:50
04.-Segundo Ritual 04:40
05.-Muerte A Tu Puto Dios 03:10
06.-Ceremonia Maldita 03:29
07.-Consagracion Con Sathanas 03:56

Total Playing Time 25:06

Raw Black Metal!

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Satanael-Orgia En La Catedral Del Bastardo [Mexico]

Orgia En La Catedral Del Bastardo

Track List:

01.-Orgia En La Catedral Del Bastardo 10:44
02.-Angel Exiliado 07:02
03.-Vomito Tu Cruz 03:41
04.-Possessed By Lucifer God 05:34
05.-Ave Satanael 06:39

Total Playing Time 33:40

Raw Black Metal!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Demonic-Lead Into Darkness [Norway]

Lead Us Into Darkness

Necropolis Records

Track List:

01.-Spell Of The Witchdemon 03:39
02.-Unholy Gates Of Limbo 02:54
03.-His Eyes Burns Hate 03:13
04.-Når Mørket Faller 04:25

Total Playing Time 14:11

Black Metal!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nokturnal Holocaust-Rotten [Mexico]


April 20th, 2010
Nokturnal ATH 666

Track List:

01.-Nasty Cross 04:45
02.-Black Blood War 03:45
03.-Tribute of Satan 05:21
04.-The Glorious Kingdom of Sathanas 04:34
05.-Nokturnal Holocaust 04:52

Total Playing Time 23:17

Black Metal!

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