Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ang [Col]-Black Fury [2007]

Ang [Col]-Black Fury [2007]
Tracks List:
1.-Wind Of Fury 8:30
2.-I Invoke To Skana 5:13
3.-It Thickens Somber Fog 6:59
4.-Chaak With Rain Torch Lightning 8:10
5.-Inside Darkness And Wickedness 5:35
Total Playing Time: 34:27

Friday, July 25, 2008

Secrets Of The Moon[Deu]-Stronghold Of The Inviolables [2001]

Secrets Of The Moon-Stronghold Of The Inviolables [2001]
Track List:

1.-Inverted Kaos Principles 2:07
2.-Praise The Kaos 7:20
3.-Asleep 1:13
4.-His Fire / My Flame 2:51
5.-Nemesis 6:21
6.-The Rite Of Mercury 3:20
7.-Moonstruck (Moonblood Cover) 7:31

Total Playing Time: 30:43

Download Here: OXOOURJG

Diabolical Breed [Nor]-Compendium Infernus [2004]

Diabolical Breed-Compendium Infernus [2004]
Track List:

1.-Dies Irae 2:30
2.-Descendants of Satan 8:51
3.-In Majorem Sathanas Gloriam 6:50
4.-Hominis Nocturna 6:21
5.-The Night Of Shooting Stars 7:10
6.-In The Eye Of The Storm 7:39
7.-Falne Krigere 4:04

Total Playing Time: 43:25

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Necromessiah [Ita]-...Instar Gladii In Corporem Christi [2004]

Necromessiah-...Instar Gladii In Corporem Christi [2004]
Track List:

1.-Bring All Christians To The Slaughter!!! 5:01
2.-Sadonuns 2:59
3.-Antichristian Legions 2:40
4.-Pest 3:18
5.-6sex 6sex 6sex 2:10
6.-Desecration Of Virgin Part I 3:27
7.-Desecration Of Virgin Part II 3:03
8.-Necronomicon 4:06
9.- 1349 4:46
10.-Samael… 10:46

Total Playing Time: 42:37

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Nokturnal Mortum [Ukr]-The Taste Of Victory [2003]

Nokturnal Mortum-The Taste Of Victory [2003]
Track List:
1.-Weltanschauung 8:36
2.-The New Era Of Swords 7:38
3.-The Taste Of Victory 11:41
4.-As The Steel Eagle Into Golden Svarga 14:51
Total Playing Time: 42:46

Himinbjorg [Fra]-In The Raven´s Shadow [2000]

Himinbjørg-In the Raven's Shadow [2000]
Track List:
1.-Guide By The Stars 2:59
2.-Thiazi´s Øyne 8:45
3.-The Inverted Dimension 5:39
4.-In The Raven´s Shadow 2:22
5.-In The Forest Of The Demons From Within 8:46
6.-Rising 8:48
7.-Dreamwalker 5:05
8.-The Voice Of Blood 13:01
9.-Valakjaslf 2:51
Total Playing Time: 58:16
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dark Fortress [Deu]-Tales From The Eternal Dusk [2001]

Dark Fortress-Tales From The Eternal Dusk [2001]
Track List:

1.-The Arcanum Of The Cursed
2.-Pilgrim Of The Nightly Spheres
5.-Immortality Profound (Trilogy)
6.-Dreaming (Chapter One)
7.-Throne Of Somber Thoughts (Chapter Two)
8.-Captured In Eternitys Eyes (Chapter Three)
9.-Misanthropic Invocation
10.-Crimson Tears
11.-Tales From Eternal Dusk
12.-Moments Of Mournful Splendor

Total Playing Time:52:12

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Destruktor [Aus]-Nuclear Storm [200]

Destruktor -Nuclear Storm EP [2004]
Track List:

1.-Intro 2:05

2.-Fight Like The Devil 2:55

3.-Nuclear Storm 4:06

4.-Strive To Conquer 4:30

5.-Justice Unleashed 2:46

Total Playing Time 16:22

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Black Rain [Czech]-Bez Ohne [1996]

Black Rain-Bez Ohne [1996]
Track List:
1.-Intro 1:55
2.-Inferno 5:02
3.-Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust3:41
4.-Without Fire 3:26
5.-Before Death 5:04
6.-The Last Man 4:20
7.-Desolate Land 5:52
Total Playing Time: 29:20

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baalberith [Mexico]-Demo I [2005]

Baalberith [Mty-Mexico]- Demo I [2005]

Track List:

1.-Untitled I 5:52
2.-Untitled II 3:43
3.-Untitled III 4:00
4.-Untitled IV 4:46
5.-Untitled V 4:26
6.-Untitled VI 5:09
7.-Untitled VII 5:40

Black Metal!!!

Total Playing Time: 33:36

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Black Altar-Vesania-Wrath Ov The Gods-Moonastray (Split). [2002]

Black Altar-Vesania-Wrath Ov The Gods-Moonastray (Split). [2002]
Split, Odium Records 2002-Limited To 666 Copies Signed With Blood

Track List:

Black Altar

1.-Intro 1:27
2.-Black Altar 4:24
3.-Wrath Ov The Gods 4:08
4.-The Return (Bathory Cover) 4:41
5.-Like A Steps Ov Harvester 2:52
6.-Conquering The Throne 2:40

Vesania (Pol)

7.-Path 1. Deamoonion, Act I (Moonastray) 11:10
8.-Path 2. Insomnia Noctiferi (Thunderose) 5:38

Total Playing Time 37:00

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Orkus [Germany]-The Gate-MCD [1999]

Orkus- The Gate [1998]

Demo, Self released September 27th 1998

Track List:

1.-Let The Church Burn 3:08
2.-The Gate 4:35
3.-Unholy Forests 3:13
4.-Pagan Dust 4:13
5.-Graymalkin 5:24

Total Playing Time: 20:33

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Shemhamphorash [Spain]-Dementia [2003]


Track list:

1.-Crossing My Hell
2.-The Call
3.-Bloody Falls
4.-Immortal Realm
6.-Mystical Ceremony

Total playing time: 35:10

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mercyful Fate-Mercyful Fate [1982]

Track List:
1.-A Corpse Without A Soul 6:57
2.-Nuns Have No Fun 4:21
3.-Doomed By The Living Dead 5:12
4.-Devil Eyes 5:58

Total Playing Time: 22:58

Monday, July 14, 2008

Antonius Rex -- Anno Demoni [2000]

Description: Progresive rock

Lp + 7 inch

A new renewed reissue of Anno Demoni from 1979; this time the packaging and artwork is beautiful and there are 2 unreleased (Malus) bonus tracks!!!!! In the usual obscure vein of Antonius Rex, one of the most esoteric and genial artist of the 70's italian progressive rock.
Original LP master: 1979 Musik Research, “Anno Demoni” Black Widows Recs 2001 reissue.

Track List:

1.-Gloriae Manus 7:50 [1979]
2.-Jacula The Witch 2:48 [1974]
3.-Anno Demoni 12:00 [1978]
4.-Soul Satan 5:42 [1975]
5.-Missanigra 4:55 [1975]
6.-Ego Sum Qui Sum 7:44 [1976]

CD Malus tracks
7.-Morti Vident 3:52 [1972]
8.-1999 Mundi Finis Invisible Force 3:21 [1972]

Total Playing time: 39:21

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hades-...Again Shall Be [1994]

Hades-[Norway]…Again Shall Be


1.-Pagan Triumph
2.-Hecate (Queen Of Hades)
3.-The Ecstasy Of An Astral Journey
4.-An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin
5.-…Again Shall Be
6.-The Spirit Of An Ancient Past
7.-Glorious Again The Northland
8.-Unholy Congregation
10.-In The Moonless Sky

Highly Recommended!!!

Download Here:

Thy Sins Of The Beloved-All Alone EP

Thy Sins Of The Beloved- All Alone

Track List:

1.-All Alone
3.-Worthy Of You

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Marduk-Obedience [2001]

Blasphemous Domestic Release Of Sweden´s Most Devastating Black Metal Outfit Featuring All-New Artwork and 3 Exclusive Bonus Tracks!
Century Media Records (Made In Canada)

2.-Funeral Bitch
3.-Into The Crypt Of Rays

U S Release Bonus Tracks:

4.-Baptism By Fire
5.-Funeral Bitch
6.-Dracole Wayda

Brutal & Blasphemous!!!

Download Here:

Night In Gales-Sylphlike [1995]

Recorded at Sound Station Studio Ratingen 9/95
Engineered by Bernd & Erik
Mixed by Bernd & Night In Gales
Produced by Night In Gales

1.-Bleed Afresh
3.-Avoid Secret Vanity
5.-When The Lightning Starts
6.-Flowing Spring

Highly Recommended!!!

Download Here: