Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interview With Euronymous

Interview with Euronymous taken from the Kill Yourself Magazine  # 2 written in Finnish originally which 80 copies only printed. This interview was answered by Euronimous which was murdered a week later, subsequently the English translation was made since some people have not had opportunity to read it.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Theurgia-Advance Anti Perpetuo EP [Venezuela]

Daemonhorn was founded by Daemonae in 2006 and changed its name to Theurgy in 2014, making his debut with a demo titled "Su Voz Entre Las Sombras". Track re-edited an old theme of Daemonhorn.
Theurgy is a word taken from the "Clavicula Salomonis" "Minor key" called "Ars Theurgia Goetia". The Theurgy defined as invoking not demonic spirits, this refers to [chiefs, emperors, Kings and Princes].
Theurgy is:
Daemonae: All Instruments & Vocals
Theurgy Live Is:
Daemonae: Rythm Guitar & Vocals
Hex Xezbet: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Iblis: Bass
Hellbeats: Drummer

Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Advance EP
Release Date: 2014
Label: Independent
Advance Anti Perpetuo
Track List:
01.-Su Voz Entre  Las Sombras
Total Playing Time 04:57
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Thnxx Daemonae For This Killer Advance ! ! !  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ancestral Ritual Mexico-Promo 2011 [Mexico]

Ancestral Ritual Mexico was created in 2011 by Rene Xull (Alla Xull & Necromantical Ritual) by plenty of ideas and lack of musicians decided to do a one man band have influences from the Mayan and Aztec music, includes flutes, bongoes, maracas, hucharacas and ancestral sounds to give a magical touch to the tracks but only as atmosphere, the vocals was influenced by satanic possessions, cacophonies, etc the lyrics speak of a different nature as social spiritual and customs.
Ancestral Ritual Mexico was changed the name to "Ancestral Ritual" by 2014 and have a promo was recorded in 2011 singing completely in english it has only three tracks.
In October 2013 start recording their debut album which contains 8 tracks, singing 2 in english and 6 in spanish...In April 2014 was finished this recording...
Location:Santa Catarina, N.L.
Status: Active
Genre: Ancestral Death Black Metal
Type: Promo
Release Date: 2011
Label: Independent
Promo 2011
Track List:
01.-My Existence 05:48
02.-Ancestral Rituals 4:25
03.-Time Portal [Without Any Satisfaction] 05:27
Total Playing Time 16:40
Download Here:
Thnxx Rene Xull For This Fucking Killer Promo...See You On The Black Fucking Road ! ! !