Friday, April 9, 2010

Xantotol-Cult Of The Black Pentagram [Poland]

Cult Of The Black Pentagram
Demo, Witching Hour Prods

Line-up :
Mala - Guitar, Vocal
Venom - Drums
Siwy - Bass

Recorded at KDK Studio at 17.09.1993.
Eniginered by O.S.A. and K. Sztejka.
Produced by Witching Hour records.
Dedicated to Faustus Scorpions and F. Nietzsche.

Track List:

01.-Intro 00:34
02.-Fallen to Arise 04:25
03.-Homo Galacticus 05:16
04.-Devilish 04:29
05.-Outro 00:34

Total Playing Time 15:18

Black Metal !

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