Friday, April 30, 2010

Maledictvs-"Rebellion In With Him By Nature" Coming Soon [Mexico]

Rebellion In With Him By Nature
Coming Soon
Maledictvs Black Metal Band

After a long absence from the stage, the band is still at war! together with great and real black metal hordes from Mexico, not trends, under the label Blackcrowned Recs.

Soon will be released their CD debut, which will be titled "Rebellion In With Him By Nature" which will be limited to 1000 copies

Black Metal Is Rebellion And War!

Hella \m/

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Maledictvs Black Metal Band

Tras una larga ausencia en el escenario, la banda sigue en pie de guerra! junto a las grandes y reales hordas de black metal de Mexico sin tendencias, bajo el sello Blackcrowned Records.

Proximamente saldra a la venta su CD Debut, el cual llevara por nombre "In Rebellion With Him By Nature" el cual estara limitado a 1000 copias

Black Metal Is Rebellion And War!

Hella \m/

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Promo CD

Track List:

01.-May A bullet Pierce Their Hearts 05:13
02.-Lord Of Darkness 04:55

Total Playing Time 10:08

Black Metal!

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