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Snowfall - Delerium Tremens [Canada]

Delirium Tremens

Full-length, Northern Horde Recs
July 2008

“This recording was perhaps the most difficult of ours to finish, the sessions started in late 2005 and ended in fall of 2006. Countless amounts of dollars were spent financing the trips so we could record togeher and also on the amount of intoxicants we consumed.

At this time we both were consuming large amounts of Alcohol and the potent, heroin-like opiate known as Dilaudid, regularly. Our state of mind was very bad during this recording, as both of our lives had turned to shit in some way or another, and we were left as decay worshiping addicts with nothing left to live for.

Everything around us was falling apart, so we gathered to create a musical testimony to the empty black god that is nihilism. Some songs on this record sound kind of strange, such as "From black to brown" or "uit de baarmoeder gerukte boskebouter".

It must be said that these songs themselves are very much commentaries on state of black metal, and some humor can be found in them, as well as some experimentation. Other songs such as March Of The Tyrants and Forest Of Eld show a new avenue for snowfall... One we intend to explore greatly in the coming future."

M. Thorn from Benighted in Sodom provided guest vocals at the end of "March of The Tyrants".

Track List:

01.-From Black To Brown 04:14
02.-March Of The Tyrants 07:00
03.-Dilaudid 04:34
04.-Uit De Baarmoeder Gerukte Boskebouter 07:41
05.-The Great Void 04:40
06.-Forest Of Eld 05:06

Total Playing Time 33:15

Black Metal!

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