Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hell-Born-Hell-Born [Poland]


EP, Pagan Records
September 1996

At the time Hell-Born was only a side project featuring Les from at the time
Damnation [handling Guitars, Bass and Vocals] and Baal Ravenlock [handling Drums and Vocals] from at the time Behemoth

Originally released in a strange- all cardboard slipcase [with nothing to hold
the CD in place!!!]

Released on a much larger scale as Bonus tracks on ''HellBlast'' but without the
Destruction cover

Baal Ravenlock: Drums & Vocals
Les: All Guitars/Bass & Vocals

Recorded at Warrior Studio, Torun Poland May 1996

Track List:

01.-Inverted 05:46
02.-Hellraiser 05:49
03.-Those Are Dead But Shall Rise 05:32
04.-Merciless Onslaught 04:31
05.-Antichrist [Destruction Cover] 03:37

Total Playing Time 25:15

Black Death Thrash Metal !

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