Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goatcum-Opening The Book Of Filth [Poland]

Opening The Book Of Filth

EP 2009

Track List:

01.-In The Forest Of Impaled Saints
02.-Cunt Grishnack Prison's Fuck Toy
03.-Thor Hammered By Goat' s Cock
04.-Blasphemous Moonfog Freezes Darkthrones Of The North
05.-Wyrocznia [Kat Cover]
06.-Funeral Fuck Ends With Freezing Cum [Raped By Nuoh]

Total Playing Time 10:15

Noise Black Metal!

Download Here:

Recorded live on 24th of March 2009 by:
Olaf Nowaczyk-Voice
Maciej ³ukasik-Guitar

Additional desecration of frequencies on 25th of March by Olaf Nowaczyk

Tracks 1 - 4 by Goatcum

Track 5 is a short overwiev cover of the first one and only & the best polish heavy / thrash/ black metal band KAT [RIP 2004]

Track 6 is a Nuoh's rape of Goatcum's original tracks. Done through April of 2009, Finally fucked up on the 30th of April and then once again at 3rd of May of 2009.

Thanks to:
Shaun for releasing the stuff
Lord satan
All the beautiful assfuck friendly cum eating virgins we've met

Middle finger to:
NSBM Assholes
Piotr Luczyk of KAT for destroying the band and reanimated it as total shit ! !

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