Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vinterslav-Obliteration [South Africa]

EP, Self Released
January 2011

Current line-up:
Vinter-Vocals, Guitar [Nihil]
Hella-Bass [Maledictvs]

Track List:

01.-Revivifying The Whore 05:37
02.-Tormented Ill Existence 04:31
03.-World Dissolution 04:43
04.-Obliteration Of Humanity 04:34
05.-A Path To Extinction 05:18
06.-Amongst The Worthless 04:22
07.-Into The Void Of Eternity 05:04
08.-Stench Of Humanity Burning 03:59
09.-Visions Of III 04:10

Total Playing Time 42:00

Black Metal!

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