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Emperor-Wrath Of The Tyrant [Norway]

Wrath Of The Tyrant
Demo, Independent
July 1992

One of only three Emperor outputs to feature Mortiis on bass (the other being the "Emperor" MLP and the "As the Shadows Rise" EP which features re-recordings of some songs off this demo). First release is a self production by Emperor. Was re-released by Wild Rags in 1994 with two bonus tracks from the 1994 7" "As the Shadows Rise":

10. Witches Sabbath (5:55)
11. Ancient Queen (3:43)

[The picture is from the Wild Rags version]

The original cover is the chimaira pictured below.

Also released by Head Not Found in 1995 on vinyl with a red cover 1000 copies pressed .

Re-released in 2004 by Candlelight Records. Bonus material includes very rare, exclusive footage of pre-Nightside rehearsals plus live outtakes from the band's first tour.

Also released as a Picture Disk including one bonus song:

10. The End

Re-issued by Candlelight Records in 2007 as a numbered limited edition boxset.

Track List:

01.-Introduction 02:20
02.-Ancient Queen 03:17
03.-My Empire's Doom 04:34
04.-Forgotten Centuries 02:51
05.-Night Of The Graveless Souls 02:56
06.-Moon Over Kara-Shehr 04:25
07.-Witches Sabbath 05:41
08.-Lord Of The Storms 02:10
09.-Wrath Of The Tyrant 03:58

Total Playing Time 32:30

Black Metal!

Download Here:

Official Web Site


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