Saturday, December 12, 2009

Centinex-Transcend The Dark Chaos [Sweden]

Transcend The Dark Chaos

EP, Evil Shit Productions
June 1994

Recorded and mixed at Hellspawn/
Unisound Studios 4-5 June 1994
Produced by Dan Swanö and Centinex
All music by Centinex
All lyrics by Martin, Mattias & Joakim
Arrangements by Centinex
Cover artwork made by Chris "Thorncross" Moyen

Andreas Evaldsson: Guitars
Joakim Gustafsson: Drums
Kenneth Wiklund: Guitars
Martin Schulman: Bass
Mattias Lamppu: Vocals

Track List:

01.-Transcend The Dark Chaos 04:28
02.-Thorns Of Desolation 03:35
03.-Eternal Lies 03:12
04.-At The Everlasting End 04:46

Total Playing Time 16:01

Death Metal!

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