Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dead Christ-The Mortuary Mass & Satan´s Hunger [United Kingdom]

The Mortuary Mass

Demo, Self financed
December 22nd, 1991

This same recording also appeared on the split demo with Nazarene Deceiver in 1992.

Track List:

01.-Intro 02:09
02.-Mortuary Mass 03:04
03.-Funeral Of Sins 07:34
04.-Challenge Of Darkness 02:47
05.-Driller Killer 04:10
06.-Outro 01:41

Total Playing Time 21:26

Black Metal!

Download Here:

Satan´s Hunger

EP, Molon Lave Records
March 1993

Released as MLP 028


The Eternal Worshipper Of The Seven Churches Of Necromancy-Guitars
Undead Devourer-Drums

Track List:

01.-Eclipse Of Light 02:55
02.-Satan's Hunger 03:16
03.-Burning Jesus Christ 01:34

Total Playing Time 07:45

Black Metal!

Download Here:

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