Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toxaemia-Demos & EP [Sweden]

Buried To Rot
Demo, Self Release
August 1991

Recorded In August 23/25th 1991.

Track List:

01.-World Graveyard 02:57
02.-Tragedies Through Centuries 03:36
03.-Hate Within 02:57
04.-The Beginning Of The End 04:08
05.-Buried To Rot 03:03

Total Playing Time 16:41

Death Metal!
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Kaleidoscopic Lunacy
Demo, Self Release
March 1990

Track List:

01.-Terminated Violence 03:35
02.-Dark Wisdom 04:10
03.-Crematorium 05:00
04.-Evil Rage 05:17

Total Playing Time 18:02

Death Metal!
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Beyond The Realm
EP, Seraphic Decay
August 1990

This EP Was Released On The Seraphic Decay Compillation CD

Track List:

01.-Beyond The Realm 03:25
02.-Another Lie, Another Death 04:09
03.-Who Dies 04:00
04.-Expired Christianity 03:34

Total Playing Time 15:08

Death Metal!

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