Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sear Bliss-The Pagan Winter [Hungary]

The Pagan Winter
Demo, Independent

Recorded at LMS Studio, April 1995
Produced by Bertalan Domby & Sear Bliss
All songs by Sear Bliss, lyrics by Winter

Cover illustration by Zoltán Máté
Logo by Winter

Re-released in 1997 by Two Moons Records with a bonus track entitled "In the Shadow of Another World."

The CD contains tracklisting errors. Due to a production mistake the songs are mixed up. The order of the songs on the CD is:

01.- ...Where the Darkness Always Eeigned 07:20
02.-Twilight 04:23
03.-Ancient 04:54
04.-The Pagan Winter 04:33
05.-In the Shadow of Another World 12:02

Total Playing Time 33:12

The original [correct] tracklisting is written on the rear cover of the CD.

01.-Ancient 04:54
02.-The Pagan Winter 04:24
03.-...Where the Darkness Always Reigned 07:20
04.-Twilight 04:33

Total Playing Time 21:11

Atmospheric Black Metal!

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