Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lord Satanael-Lord Satanael [Brazil]

Lord Satanael
Full-length, Morbid Reason 666

Tape version by Satanic Army prods [Bol ] with diferent order of tracks

Track List:

01.-Lords of Bestial Glory 05:05
02.-Sons of Darkness 04:50
03.-Lord Satanael 03:42
04.-Matre Tenebrarum 05:41
05.-Imperial Satanic Fury 04:32
06.-Master of the Black Art's 06:50
07.-Empire of the Unholy Dark Fire 05:13
08.-NIarlathoth [The Nocturnal Misty Forest] 03:38
09.-Black Moon Prophecy 04:16
10.-Thefertash's Claim 04:42

Total Playing Time 48:29

Black Metal!

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