Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ungod-Ungod [Germany]


EP, Kneel before the Master`s Thro
April 14th, 2009

12" EP, limited to 500 copies [100 green and 400 black vinyl]

Guest vocalists on Dawn of the Black Apocalypse:
Martin Missy - Protector
Patrick Kremer-Iron Bonehead Productions [ex Witchburner ex Nema]
Hurricane-Zarathustra/Kneel before the Master`s Throne Records & Hellpike

Track List:

1.-Intro 00:35
2.-[Dark Tomb Of] Ungod 03:19
3.-Leathercunt 05:05
4.-Dawn Of The Black Apocalypse 07:47
5.-Heretical Hatespitting Supremacy 02:21
6.-Outro 00:29

Total Playing Time 19:36

Raw Black Metal!

Download Here:

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