Saturday, January 23, 2010

Horncrowned-The Rise Of Satan's Artillery [Colombia]

The Rise Of Satan´s Artillery
Full-length, Demonic Attack
April 2003

Digipak limited to 666 copies.

Reissued in 2004 on GoatHorned Productions, featuring a bonus video track of "Demonforce Retaliation".

Track List:

01.-The Rise of Satan's Artillery 04:33
02.-The Adversaries 03:41
03.-666-Bloodshed 02:10
04.-Infernal Elite 03:27
05.-Demonforce Retaliation 03:06
06.-HellFireStorm 03:57
07.-HornCrowned 01:11
08.-Burning Pandemonium 03:09
09.-Destroyers 03:32
10.-Hellmarch 02:21

Total Playing Time 31:07

Black Metal!

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