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Gexerott- Grim Arcane Winds [ Colombia ]

Grim Arcane Winds
Full-length, Blood Ritual Records
February 20th, 2007

Limited to 500 copies.

Track List:

01.-Rituals To Darkenessence 04:08
02.-Grim Arcane Winds 01:11
03.-The Forest Mysteri 04:19
04.-My Funeral 05:00
05.-Letanies Of Funeral Kyries 03:52
06.-Prophetic Sacra 05:47
07.-Blow Of The Lugubrious Ones 06:52
08.-Empires 05:20
09.-Prophetic Sacra [ 2005 Bonus Track ] 05:17

Total Playing Time 41:51

Black metal!

Download Here:
Gexerott was formed by P. Darkyries L. [ guitarist, drummer and vocalista / 2004 ] in that year born with the name of “Sombersolivm” musically inclined to the experimental atmospheres accomplishment, soon in greater ideological reinforcement is re-baptized with name “Gexerott” [ Gea-xero / ro-tt ].

At the beginning of the 2005 the initial emanation is created in the jaws of the serpent, the first Opus of Gexerott, demo titled ”Prophetic Sacra”, composed by one track of raw Black Metal that mixes the fury and the devotion in dark and energetic expressions of rhythmical force. There they are begun to consolidate with feeling sonorous / raw and with obscure hymns on cosmogony, occultism and existentialism …

Darkyries L., Furdas, Alastor With this line up beginning of the 2007 emanates the second Opus of Gexerott, the first CD Full-length titled “Grim Arcane Winds” with 9 tracks of obscure metal, expels to emanate mystical / melodies and rhythms that extend to imaginary / cosmogonic lyrics which this evokes the essence of the abysses beyond the visible universe … this venom is produced by Ritual Blood Records of Washington D.C USA in a dose of 500 limited copies. Which is distributed through Europe, Asia and America …For the 2008 after exit of Alastor, Gexerott consolidates with actual line up Darkyries L. and Furdas with which record the third Opus of Gexerott, second CD, titled “ Into Descensus Impious Ad Gloria ” dark dogmatic manifesto which it express in metaphoric codes 11 the mystical ways of Cabalistic, philosophies and doctrines that submerge to the world in sacred destruction and the man in the precipice of the being.

For half-full the 2009 it will leave the new dose of poison Gexerott second Full- length titled “Into Descensus Impiuos Ad Gloriam”…absolute kaozorthodoxia…

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