Sunday, September 29, 2013

Necros Christos-Necromantic Doom [Germany]

Necromantic Doom

Location: Berlin
Status: Active 
Genre: Black Death Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: October 2002
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.- Crucifixion Whispers [Temple I] 00:29
02.-Tormented Flesh On The Mount Of Crucifixion 03:43
03.-Prayer On The Mount Of Olives [Temple II] 00:54
04.-Swearing Eternal Allegiance 01:54
05.-Nailed On Command [Temple III]
06.-Last Rite Of Christ 03:24
07.-The Son Of Man Goeth Into Galilee [Temple IV] 00:48
08.-Grave Damnation 03]:39 
09.-The Burning Chamber Of God [Temple V] 00:42
10.-Triumphant Execution 03:18

Total Playing Time 19:21

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