Friday, September 27, 2013

Lüger- Killer, Worship, Die [France]

Kill, Worship, Die

Location: Soudron, Champagne-Ardenne
Status: Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Full-Length
Release Date:2005
Label Regimental Recs

Track List:

01.-Intro: Dawn Of Apocalypze 00:53
02.-God Is Dead And I Shit On His Tomb 02:09
03.-Espermo Malefico 02:40
04.-Ungeziefer 02:48
05.-HellKunt 03:17
06.-Total War-Winter War [Impaled Nazarene Cover] 02:38
07.-Endlosung Planen 03:46
08.-Lügersnacht 04:17
09.-Piss On Luv-War & Sodomy 04:46

Total Playing Time 27:14

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