Saturday, September 28, 2013

13 Candles-Pilgrimage To The Gates Of Sin [Netherlands]

Pilgrimage To The Gate Of Sin

Location: Leiden, South Holland
Status: Split-up
Genre: Black Metal

Type: Demo
Release Date: April 1993
Label: Self-released / Independent

Track List:

01.-Through Crimson Mist 11:25
02.-Pilgrimage To The Gates Of Sin 03:59
03.-Elizabeth 04:07
04.-Invincible 02:39
05.-Seven Deadly Sins 02:21
06.-Burning The Mirror 06:51
07.-Dirge For A Witch 02:24
08.-Long Ago In The Darker Ages 01:01
09.-Echoes Of Darkness And Evil 08:16
10.-Untitled 03:10

Total Playing Time 46:13

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