Monday, July 1, 2013

Offensor-Manifiesto Heretico [Peru]

From the ashes of Illapa and Repugnancia was formed Offensor, music classified as extreme and cultured. His style is a symbiosis between the extreme metal such as death metal and black metal genres. 

The Band is promoting your tracks on the web with the intention of expanding the cosmic sound of metal, sharing so the experiential and cultural experience of the members. 

The pagan music which reappraises the native and classical cultures as sources of wisdom, own sex and intellect. 

Dissident Of Grace: imperatives on the rejection of occidental religious faith, causing fears and blood throughout history. 

Blackened Death Metal: Anthem of metal, from the mystical and Epicurean experience 

Seduced By The Incest:  Revaluation of the instinctive in man, disowned and repressed by the occidental culture. Psychological narrative of the attracted by its own animal nature.

Infamous Craving: statement about lust and amoral pleasure of the Dionysian man, free of all social hypocrisy. 

The Manifesto Heretico EP, is being distributed by Pentagram Recs at the end of this year. On Tape, as material collection  and on CD as a mass medium of use.
Manifiesto Heretico
Location: Lima
Genre:Black / Death Metal
Type: Advance
Release Date: 2011
Label: Pentagram Recs
Track List:
01.-Disidente De La Gracia 02:43
02.-Ennegrecido Metal Muerto 03:04
03.-Seducido Por El Incesto 02:34
04.-Ansia Infame 03:34
05.-La Caída Del Engaño [Rehearsal / bonus track] 04:27
Total Playing Time 16:22
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