Monday, July 15, 2013

The True Endless-Legacy Of Hate [Italy]

Legacy Of Hate 

The band was created in the winter of 1997 by M and Soulfucker. Their goal was to create violent and trendkiller music. After a couple of rehearsal tapes and some shows The True Endless recorded their first studio work in 1999 called "The Trendkiller E.P."

Some lyrics have been written in english, italian and novaras dialect of the piedmontese language [piemonteis] in order to give the sound a most ancestral feeling.

The Band participated in the sampler "The Legion Of Tchort Compilation # 5" by The Legion Of Tchort Webzine playing the song "My knife is so nice and sharp".

Location: Novora, Piedmont
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal

Release Date: May 16th, 2013
Label: Aphelion Prods

Track List:

01.-As our Ancestor 03:37
02.-Legacy Of Hate 07:14

Total Playing Time 10:01

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