Sunday, January 15, 2012

Into The Sunless Meridian-Into The Sunless Meridian [USA]

Into The Sunless Meridian

August 1999
Near Dark Productions

Track List:

01.-Meditations In A Cold And Dimly Lit Room 02:47
02.-The Birth Of Psychic Energies 05:30
03.-A Depraved Indifference To Human Life 11:12
04.-Headbanging Maniac 03:17
05.-Tantric Lunar Slumber 03:04
06.-When Emotional Nirvana Deluges You 04:37
07.-Strike Down Mythographer 06:54
08.-Grim Vendetta 02:40
09.-Mesmerising Serenades 06:13
10.-Under Closed Eyelids 06:06
11.-Solar Flare 01:47
12.-A Corpse Without Soul [Mercyful Fate Cover] 06:56
13.-Floating Weightless Down A Spiral Staircase 06:42

Total Playing Time 01:07:45

Speed / Black Metal!

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