Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dark Paranoia-Emptied By Neccesary Apathy [Italy]

Emptied By Neccesary Apathy

January 5th, 2011
Depressive Illusions Records

Track List:

01.-Introduction To Emptiness Dark Paranoia 03:25
02.-Vitae Taedet 06:37
03.-Doomed To Endless Desolation 07:08
04.-In Embrace Of Sorrow 11:02
05.-Emptied By Necessary Apathy 07:07
06.-The Throb Of The Blackwaters 06:12
07.-The Brink Of The Oblivion [Like Sand In The Wind] 06:47
08.-Walker Of Dissonant Worlds [Xasthur Cover] 04:49

Total Playing Time 53:07

Ambient / Black Metal!

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