Sunday, January 15, 2012

Buried Beneath-The Last Rays Of The Moon [USA]

The Last Rays Of The Moon

Dark Trinity

Track List:

01.-Reveal The Legacy [Intro] 01:22
02.-A Fate Worse Than Death 06:25
03.-Remember Salem 05:59
04.-Make Them Die Slowly 06:09
05.-Wallowing In Misery 07:07
06.-Forgotten Not The Natural Splendour 10:05
07.-Gothic Sorrow [Intro] 01:28
08.-Into A Depressive Shade Of Crimson 05:46
09.-Spectrum Of Impurity 07:51
10.-In Fields Of Green I Wander... 10:41

Total Playing Time 01:02:53

Blackened Death Metal!

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