Monday, March 22, 2010

Raventhrone-Malice In Wonderland [Canada]

Malice In Wonderland

Full-length, AvantGarde Music

There is a different edition of this album where "Obsidion Horizon" is track 4
and "Malicegarden", named "Intro / Malice Garden", is track 1. "The Threefaced
King of Dominion One" is entitled "The Threefaced King of the First Dominion".
Musically, there are no differences however.

Track List:

01.-Obsidian Horizon [The Infinite Azure] 05:10
02.-Raventhrone 04:56
03.-Malicia The Third [Empress of Insomnia] 05:21
04.-Malicegarden 04:38
05.-Ode To All Brave 03:25
06.-The Three Faced King Of Dominion One 03:25
07.-The Stargazer [Chastise the Absolute] 04:10
08.-Crépuscule 03:28
09.-Vision Dementia 04:08
10.-Final Farewell [A Voyage in Cm] 02:08

Total Playing Time 40:50

Folk Epic Black Metal !

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