Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lost In The Shadows & Lord Infernal-Sons Of Lucifer Live ´08 [Mexico]

Lost In The Shadows was form in 2001 by: Alastor-guitar & vocals, Dev-drums and Geburah-bass but it takes it enters in the keyboards Dalrth, Isthar [Moonlight] is invited to the band in the session guitar and at the time it is replaced for Nebiros but leave the band, it is replaced by Arsnefas, Le`ugihnm enter to the bando in the vocals.

Lost In The Shadows has played with local bands: Ereshkigal, Black Empire, Forest of Doom, Ars Inferi, Ocularis Infernum, Saman, Moonlighting Hell, Lord Infernal, Equimanthorn, Luciferian Rites, Demon Kultur, etc and with international bands like: Inquisition , Enthroned, Belphegor, Adumus, etc…

Lord Infernal was formed by: Lord Blasfemiis Kephas-guitar / vocal and Dev [Lost In The Shadows] drums / vocals in November 2007, at the little time Lord Lvcifer it is invited bass / screams. Arsnefas [Lost In The Shadows] in the rhythm guitar, but abandoned for lack of time trials.

In April 2008 decided to record a rehearsal tape titled "Pact With Lucifer" limited to 66 copies and in the same year they recorded a live split with the band Lost In The Shadows titled "Sons Of Lucifer" limited to only 25 copies.

In turn both bands appear on a compilation titled "The Satanist Cult" under the Infernal Shadows Horde Prods.

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Sons Of Lucifer

Split 2008

Track List:

Lost In The Shadows
01.-Fighting For Satan Throne 03:33
02.-Cold Wind 04:45

Lord Infernal
03.-Satanael 03:42
04.-Revelation In The Wood Of Geburah 06:21

Total Playing Time 18:21

Black Metal !

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